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Rehabbing made easy !!

» Introduction
This is an Introduction to the wonderful world of Rehabbing !!...You can make alot of money in a little amount of time by taking one of the many properties my company currently owns and fix it...Thereby creating equity !!...and that equity is yours !!
» Step 1
The first part of this process is to find out if you have the credit needed to secure a mortgage if you desire to purchase and keep the property. The last thing I want to do is take your money and let you invest in the rehab to later find out you cant get financing !! That isn't fair to either of us. My Goal is to make sure you suceed from beginning to end ...and fully understand the points of my Program.
» Step 2
The points of this program are simple ...1st} You have three months in which to complete the rehab. Most contractors get these done in 1- 1 1/2 months anyway, so 3 months is ample time to finish. 2nd}$5,000 is required to take a property. This is earnest money,and is applied towards the purchase price of the property. 3rd} Get Insurance on the property...God forbid something happens while your working. Your covered and my company is covered. 4th}You pay 1% interest on the Balance. Example: If a building is $50,000 and you apply 5,000 earnest the balance due is $45,000 1% being $450.00 per month. And the final most important point is ....Your buying the building...AS IS !!..If there is anything that need be done...your fixing it !!...All costs associated with the deal are yours.
» Step 3
And finally your closing options. Keep it ..Sell it ...Rent it ....Flip It decide what will work best for you !!....I've been told many times .."Why sell a money making machine" !?? ...If the building is making positive cash flow have alot of equity in the building...the mortgage is being paid by the renter ...WHY SELL IT !!??...Thats the hardest decision for you to make !!...If you ever had the desire to make money in Real Estate and wanted to make it with Little to No Risk at all.......Call Rich Aldana @ 773-616-7464 Start Rehab LLC !!

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