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Brain Power!, Health & Healing, Spirituality
I wrote Be Still as a way to give people a minute in their day to relax and let go of stress. We all need occasionally to stop awhile and refocus our attention on our inner voice, I feel. Taking a bre...
By: Kay Elizabeth
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Fitness and Work Out
small hip cirlce - belly dance movement creating a small circle with the hips
By: Sabrina Belly Dancer
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Business / Careers
When you negotiate, are you prepared to negotiate? If you’ve been paying attention to the Olympics, the one thing you’ll note is the pristine shape in which athletes keep their bodies. They know they’...
By: Greg Williams
Total Views: 4036

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Why is it that statistically, women traditionally, earn less than men, even when both are performing the same function? The answer to that question partially resides in the fact that women are less li...
By: Greg Williams
Total Views: 5355

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Is silence really golden when negotiating? How can silence be used as an advantages tool when negotiating? Read this article and hopefully, what happened to the person mentioned in the article won't h...
By: Greg Williams
Total Views: 5412

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