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Arts & Crafts, Beauty, Business / Careers
A motivational story about a woman and mother who changed careers. Her modest interest in fashion and beauty accessories lead her down a path she would have never expected to be on, and towards a life...
By: Accessory Brainstorms Inc.
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The video demonstrates how you can improve the shape of your nose in just 30 seconds without surgery using NoseSecret -Nose-correcting inserts. NoseSecret consists of a pair of comfortable, flex...
By: beautysecret4you
Total Views: 4343

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This is the most challenging job market since the Great Depression; more and more people are continuing to be laid off and pink slips are still the order of the day. As the job topography changes, so ...
By: Anthony
Total Views: 3242

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Finance / Wealth Solutions
The desire to own and manage businesses has been alive in mankind from time immemorial. Owning a business means income that could increase without the ceiling placed on it by employers.
By: Sugandhi Iyer
Total Views: 6255

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The following are five career advice secrets for being the perfect, motivated employee that everyone wants on their team, putting your career on the fast track, and creating great relationship with ma...
By: Ed Sykes
Total Views: 6956

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