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Childcare, Health & Healing, Languages
Learn how to say the most powerful phase in the world without actually saying it. The words "I LOVE YOU" can stir the wildest of emotions. Learn a simple hand gesture that will tell other...
By: Oliver Waller
Total Views: 171313

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When you negotiate, when does “no” really mean “no”? During negotiations, have you ever been confronted with what appeared to be an insurmountable situation that caused the negotiation to stop dead in...
By: Greg Williams
Total Views: 7696

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A phonetic alphabet and diacritic modifiers sponsored by the International Phonetic Association to provide a uniform and universally understood system for transcribing the speech sounds of all languag...
By: Dr. Frank Gerace
Total Views: 6747

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When you negotiate, to what degree do you think the words you use and your body language impact the perception that occurs during the negotiation?
By: Greg Williams
Total Views: 6180

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Intimacy / Relationships, Valentine's Day
Impress your lover this Valentine's Day (or any day!) by learning how to say "I love you" in different languages.
By: Lucia
Total Views: 6079

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