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Business / Careers, Real Estate
Creating the best deal in real estate
By: Egen Warner
Total Views: 5898

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One of the biggest challenges to potential home sellers in this tough market is how to find an agent willing to represent them. Why would that be?
By: Mallory Nicholson
Total Views: 3785

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MICHAEL CORBETT, Host of EXTRA Mansions and Millionaires, will provide tips on how to show your house to potential buyers and sell for top dollar.
By: Michael Corbett
Total Views: 3330

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Real Estate
MICHAEL CORBETT, from NBC's EXTRA Mansions and Millionaires, will provide insider secrets to staging your house and improving sales opportunities.
By: Michael Corbett
Total Views: 3365

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The value of commercial real estate is not derived from comparables like residential real estate, find out how it's value is calculated.
By: Monica Villasenor
Total Views: 3209

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