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Intimacy / Relationships
Romantic Ideas For Valentine's Day
Sexy and fun things to do on Valentine's Day...or anytime.

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Comments & Reviews
By: allyn
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Fun stuff
Great ideas for fun dates!! Gina really brings up some interesting ideas for creative, out of the box dating! Not just dinner and a movie....
By: Tigre
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It seems that these ideas are all geared towards the girl exclusively. Why is Valentine's day really a giant date that a guy has to spend all of his money on? What does he get back? Hopefully a check.
By: Gina Hendrix
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If you watched the entire video, I gave several ideas that would hardly cost anything. It is a woman's holiday...face it, that's the truth. But, you don't have to spend a lot of money...the point was to just be creative. Think outside the box, baby!
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