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Now Playing: Do Women Usually See You As Just A Friend?
Intimacy / Relationships
Do Women Usually See You As Just A Friend?
Tips to change the way women see you.

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By: Tigre
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Men, notice how she recommends that you hold her hand at the end...forget all the paying for this and that, skip the chase and just hold her hand the first chance you get.
By: Gina Hendrix
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Thanks for you're opinion. My advice is based on my clients experiences. And some men....even after 4 dates, still can't work up the nerve to make a move...any move. That was the point of the video. If all men were as confident as you make yourself sound...they probably wouldn't even be watching my video.....Art.
By: Art Malov
Hey Gina
I am not Tigre, but if you want my take on this, i dont think women should give advice to guys on how to date. Women haven't been in shoes of guys, so you cant relate. Few tips you gave will still make them look like friend, hand holding is one, on first date especially. It really comes down to mind set and it is hard to change it in one minute. How i know it? i tried everything i teach, i experienced and tried hand holding, and it doesnt really work. When we already dating sure, but not on first date. That shows neediness. I got nothing against you nor will i rate your videos, we all have different take on dating, in my cases i live it.
By: Gina Hendrix
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I think whoever "tigre" is...he has videos on here..and no, I don't think it's you. But, to respond to your comment. I never said to hold hands on the "first date". I was non-specific as to when...."a move" should be made. And just like I said, my advice pertains to my personal experience with my clients that have been too "afraid" to make...ANY kind of move. my video, I'm trying to ease someone who is fearful of even "touching" a woman, into taking "the first step". We all have different opinions, I personally don't agree w some of yours....but, the over-all goal is to be helpful. So, whatever your perspective..if it helps someone...that's a great thing! I have personally helped many people men and women. Best of luck to you in all you do!
By: Lisa Marie
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Oh good lordie, of course women can give advice to men on dating, just the same as men could give women the same. That's like saying to one should trust a man chef over a lady chef or vice versa on what to order for breakfast or if you were to decide upon a man trainer over a woman trainer. Kinda silly and infantile don't you think? I hope one would not miss the point here. And, personally I think it's healthy to receive advice, opinions, pointerts, tips, etc. from both male and female, because everyone's experiences are different and it's how we relate to others and learn from other people's lives. I just love how this teacher is simply positive and just seemingly tries to uplift and encourage new approaches for both men and women. I don't get the feeling at all, that she's trying to the Dr. Phil of dating or win the Nobel Peace Prize...she just has an obvious passion for helping people get along and better themselves, in general. Just so refreshing!!!
By: Mr. Mafis
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No!!! No!! No!!
Never do this! Men if a women is interested in you REALLY, she will pay. You can pay for a woman do all that what she said above and she still calls you just a friend! Now you have waisted time & $$!! Dutch is always best until you learn more about each other!
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