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Now Playing: How Not To Fall In Love With A Loser
Intimacy / Relationships
How Not To Fall In Love With A Loser
Tips to help women make better choices when it comes to dating.

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Comments & Reviews
By: lou lou me
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Well...what you said has really made me think. I HAVE to raise my standards!!! Thanks!
By: Tigre
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Any insight for men? Like maybe, how to stay away from goldiggers?
By: Gina Hendrix
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Gold diggers are only digging for real gold. So...if you don't have any, it won't matter anyway. And the men I know that have GOLD....don't mind a woman digging for it...since they have plenty to spare! But a loser is a loser...if they display any of the traits I mentioned in the video. Male or Female ;)
By: Lisa Marie
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Lol, the way you say first off "Does he have a job?" so funny. Your facial expressions say it all. Yeah, this one is def one I have to check out more than once and write it all down! Great tips, thank you!
By: Mr. Mafis
Ohhh Nooo!!
This is pure comedy!! Gina so if I meet a woman that has Gold it's ok for me to dig?? Ha ha!! Some of your points are good but half or bad! Does he pay! Does he have a job! What does that have to with being a good man? Seems like your focus is on what men can do for you v.s what you can do for each other!
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