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Buying Her Flowers -- For Valentines Day and Beyond

» Introduction
Buying flowers for a woman isn't as hard as most people make it out to be. However, it does take a little more than grabbing that wilting bouquet at the gas station/deli on the way home. Here are some tips on purchasing flowers that will make your significant other significantly thrilled.
» Step 1
Everyone Wins with Roses

Roses are the ultimate flower for saying "I love you". Surprising
your lover with a dozen roses will practically melt her. There's a
rule of thumb you want to keep in mind: when buying roses, go for
quality AND quantity. On Valentines Day, for example, you want to get A LOT of roses. Dozens. Twelve roses is fine for a surprise in the middle of the summer, but she's going to be expecting a little more on Valentines Day.
» Step 2
Rose Color

Red roses are standard - and there's nothing wrong with them. But
when you're buying flowers for a woman, the smartest thing you can do is look like you put a little thought into as well. Consider her favorite color. There's a pretty good chance roses come in that shade. (There are even blue ones.) Here's another suggestion: lavender roses. They stand for enchantment and first love - a perfect flower for Valentines Day that's not the same old red. Be sure to mention what they mean in the card!
» Step 3

The most important rule of giving flowers is doing so when she least suspects it. Now, on any day that isn't her birthday or Valentines Day, this is easy enough. Simply send them to her office, have them waiting when she gets home or hand them off yourself. On Valentines Day, it's trickier. She knows she's getting something? so long as you haven't forgotten what day it is. Here are two suggestions: 1) first thing in the morning. Have that amazing bouquet waiting for her the second she opens her eyes. 2) Send them to her office. It's not the most unsuspected thing in the world, but she'll be ecstatic... and all her co-workers will turn green with envy. If you go with this
route, have them delivered as early in the day as possible.
» Step 4
It's OK to Listen to the Pros

Still having a hard time coming up with the right thing? Your local florist probably has more than a few ideas. Websites like ProFlowers and 1800Flowers have all sorts of concocted bouquets for any occasion. They are all great resources, so make sure you use them.

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