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Writing the Perfect Card for a Significant Other

» Introduction
Are you sending flowers? Is it that special someoneís birthday? Do you just want to send your partner some surprise mail to let them know youíre thinking about them? Sounds like you need a greeting card. But donít let those cheesy canned cards speak to your feelings. Whether youíre making your own card from scratch or filling the blank space inside a store-bought one, you need to show your significant other how you really feel.
» Step 1
Start with a Pet Name

This isnít a funeral. Be playful when expressing your love! If you have a pet name for your significant other, use it to address him or her in your card. It will make it more personal and the effect will be longer-lasting.
» Step 2
Keep a Sense of Humor

Again, you want to be playful and sincere when writing your message. It doesnít mean youíre being flip or uncaring. Keep a sense of humor when you write. Making your partner laugh is an important part of any and all relationships.
» Step 3
Make Shared References (Inside Jokes!)

This is the opposite of those lame love notes produced by the card companies. They donít know about that funny thing that happened that time the two of you went out for Chinese food. They donít know what embarrassing moment occurred in line at the movies on your third date. But you two share these things Ė so recall them in your message! It will show your partner how much you value your shared experiences and his or her companionship.
» Step 4
Mean What You Say

Share those deeply felt feelings, too. Let your lover know how much her or she means to you. Youíve softened them up by keeping the mood light; now is your chance to drive it home.
» Step 5
Keep it Concise

This is a card, not a love letter. You are much better off with a 4 or 5 powerful lines touching on some of the themes above than a rambling 12-page love manifesto. So keep it short and effective. That way, it will be more memorable.

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