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Write a Poem for Your Lover on Valentines Day

» Introduction
Looking for a great way to say "I love you"? Writing poetry for your significant other is one of the best ways to really show how much you love them (i.e. score a ridiculous amount of points). These tips aren't for those of you trying to close the deal for the first time; this is about communicating love and desire to someone with whom you share a close bond. And don't worry about not being able to write poetry. If you consider these tips, it's easier than you think.
» Step 1
To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme

Poetry is totally legitimate either when it rhymes or when it doesn’t (free verse). There are countless rhyme schemes and forms you can use in your poem, but unless you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you’d do well to avoid them if you’re not an experienced writer. Many poets are more comfortable in free verse, where they aren’t constricted by meter and rhyme. Both forms can be executed beautifully, but ultimately you should write however you are more comfortable. A confident poet is a much more successful one.
» Step 2
Avoid the Clichés

Don’t give into the temptation of cliché in your poem. While you may think that’s how you feel, it’s actually taking the easy way out. For example “my heart aches for you”, “I love you more than anything”, “when I look into your eyes.” Don’t do it! Even if you want to look into his or her eyes in your poem, find a better way to put it.
» Step 3
Use Your Imagination

This poem doesn’t have to be about something that actually happened. It definitely SHOULD NOT be a list of what you love about the person. Instead, try using your imagination; if you and your lover are characters in the poem, go somewhere you’ve never been. Describe how it feels to be there with them. Write about two people just like the two of you who are meeting for the first time. There are tons of possibilities.
» Step 4
Be Careful with that Thesaurus

One quick way to write a poem is to jot down a bunch of words, grab a thesaurus and replace those words with fancier synonyms. That’s also a great way to sound like an idiot who isn’t being genuine to his or her feelings. Using big words is fine; just make sure you know what you’re doing with them.
» Step 5
Be a Little Naughty

One of the things you can celebrate in your poem (especially when it comes to Valentines Day) is the physical aspect of your relationship. This isn’t the same as being sexually graphic -- although if that works for you, run with it. Be honest to and specific about your desire. Binding yourself to a small measure of seriousness when it comes to your shared sexuality will make a huge impact.

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