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Channeling Messages from Spirit Guides

» Introduction
Develop your understanding of how spirit guides communicate and how you can best improve your ability to receive messages from the other side.
» Step 1
Communicating with spirits may occur in steps. Initially, you may simply sense a presence and then later communicate with and/or see them. Spirits may appear as variations in light or energy. At times, the appearance is like camera film negatives where the light-colored features appear dark and the dark features appear light. Full color images may be seen and these may also involve movement similar to a video movie. Some people see spirits externally, whereas others see visions in their minds. At times, you may sense a presence before receiving a message. At others, you will receive a message before you sense a presence.

Spirits are able to visit during dreams. In instances, where the encounter feels real, this represents an actual visit.
Spirits experience no physical pain, as they have no bodies and are comprised only of energy. They can therefore appear in whatever appearance they choose and tend to choose one they think will be meaningful to you.
It does not matter what their native language was when in their bodies, after passing, they use a universal language that each of us interprets into our own language. Some spirits send words, some share images and others send a combination of both.

Everybody is able to channel spirits. Some people are just more aware of this than others. Many of the messages received are subconscious, as the primary method spirits use to communicate involves placing thoughts in your head. This sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish the difference between your own thoughts, messages received from spirits and those channeled from your higher self or intuition. They all appear as thoughts in your head.

Spirits accomplish work during life on this plane and also after crossing over. Spirit guides are spirits that have contracted with you to assist you from the other side.

Spirit guides change throughout your life. Their involvement is dependent upon their areas of expertise and whether these match whatever you are working on at a particular time in your life. Many, but not all, are loved ones in spirit. At times, when I tell someone that a member of the family who has passed is helping them with a task, doubt is expressed about that person's knowledge and ability in that area. The particular skill or expertise in question may not have been demonstrated during their life with that person, but may have been developed in past lives.

Spirit sightings are often mistakenly called ghost viewings. Ghosts are spirits that have not yet realized they have passed and have not yet successfully transitioned to the other side, however, most spirits successfully make the transition.

The best way to develop your ability to receive messages from spirits is to build in periods of calm so that messages can get through to you.

Copyright Linda Pynaker 2007

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