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Your best body shape

» Introduction
Want to attain your best body ever? Law of Attraction can help you do that.
» Step 1
The human body goes through its ups and downs, as you go through your life. As certain ages approach, you notice your body going through changes, and many of them may not be what you want to see.

I'm sure that you've noticed that most of this happens as per the belief systems prevalent right now. If you are twenty this is how it is, if you are forty this is how it will be, and so on when you are eighty, there is no hope whatsover.

But what if all of these were just thoughts created by past generations that current generations were feeding into?

If you started thinking differently, you will feel differently and contribute to a new thought wave and belief system that many others are ushering into the world.

What if life started at fifty?

What if great health happens at ninety?

What if the peak of our beauty is yet to come?

Why not?

What you think and what you beleive is what you attract.

So what are your thoughts about your body?

Too much fat?
Too thin?
Too short?

What if your thoughts about your body changed, and thereby produces an actual change in your body?

The changes happen when you start beleiving that you live in an energy world, and every thought that you feed into becomes live and becomes your reality.

As you work on your beliefs about your body, your body will undergo a change. And you start getting into your best shape ever.

As you do this transformation with your thoughts, also work on your confidence. As your confidence as a person (who you are) increases, it takes away from the possibly reducing effects of your body self-image.

You walk like a King or Queen knowing that you are an amazing person, and fully qualified to be considered beautiful.

Let go of what someone else looks like. No two flowers are identical and the same. Each one holds their place of beauty.

When you go for workouts do so with enthusiasm because you love working out. You are not there to work out rolls of fat. You are there because you love moving.

Which brings me to the point about movement. Start loving the feel of your body moving. As you love the feel of your body moving, it actually becomes healthier and more mobile.

And this achieves another goal. You become healthy!

Get into your best body ever now.

Sugandhi Iyer
Coach, Joyful Manifestation (Law of Attraction)

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