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Stand up comedy Rule #1
Stand-up comedy Rule #1 "Find your point of view"

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Comments & Reviews
By: Tigre
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This also applies to creative writing in general. Good advice.
By: cooper
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Great advice. This really helped me approach writing comedy in a different way. Now the jokes come easier because I have that tunnel he is talking about to write through. It's much easier to write jokes when you know your style and your voice.
By: flight2456
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Great information. It is definitely easier to write once you find your POV.
By: M E
This is very smart and dead-on advice.If your serious about Stand-up this will absolutely help you.
By: Art Coach for the New Artist
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good job
By: fraustyle
Point of View
As a comic, this video is extremely helpful. After watching it and thinking about my last show I realized I had to sit down and really think about this. What is MY hook? What's going to separate ME from other young female comics? Of course these are questions I've been trying to answer for almost a year, but I needed that smack in the face and it helped. After graduating almost a year ago from Manhattan Comedy School, I finally had a comedy breakthrough. I'm finding my own personal angle and topics that I am passionate about.
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