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The Secret to Success and happiness---Part One

» Introduction
Is there a secret to being happy? Yes, but it’s no secret. It reveals itself right in front of us every day. We just can’t see or hear it because of the endless “chatter” inside our own minds.
» Step 1
The Secret To Success and Happiness
Part One
By Jim Britt

Is there a secret to being happy? Yes, but it’s no secret. It reveals itself right in front of us every day. We just can’t see or hear it because of the endless “chatter” inside our own minds.
Stop and listen quietly for a moment. Hearing the secret to happiness is no more difficult than falling into a stream and letting the current carry you safely to the shore rather than trying to swim upstream.
Many of us live as though we could find true happiness if only we possessed enough security, enough money, enough love, enough education, enough respect, enough power, enough knowledge, enough some…”thing.”
Many feel imprisoned by their lack of answers to living a happy life.
Imagine walking into a room where groups of people are seated at a table where a delicious looking meal was set before them. Their table was filled with every sort of food you could imagine. It's a mouth-watering display, all perfectly prepared and it's all right in front of their noses and easily within their reach.
You notice however, that none of the people are eating. They haven't even taken a single bite. Their plates are empty and it appears that they have been seated there for a very long time, so long that they appear to be starving to death.
They are starving, not because they cannot see or eat the wonderful food before them, or because eating it is forbidden or harmful. They aren't eating because they don't realize that food is what they need. They don't know that those very sharp pains in their stomachs are caused by hunger. They don't see that all they need to do to stop their suffering is eat the food that's right in front of them.
This is an example of our basic human suffering. Most of us sense that there is something wrong, something that is inherently missing in our lives, but we haven't a clue what the problem is or what we should do about it. We may see faintly that what we need is somehow very close to us, but we don't connect it to the sharp pain inside. Even with time, as the pain becomes even more severe, we can't see what it is we need.
We all long for happiness, in fact we are obsessed with it. We feel the pain of our unhappiness. We suffer daily, not knowing that everything we need to eliminate our suffering and find happiness is right before us.
Why do you think that we’re all so obsessed with being happy? We seek it because it’s our natural state. You might say that we are “homesick.” Happiness is a state we were all born with, and we all want to return to that state, however, there are inappropriate ways of achieving that goal. Pursuing happiness through bodily desires such as sex, for example, doesn’t work because it builds dependence. This is not to suggest that we should not have, or not want sex. However, if we use it as a means to find happiness, it will fall far short of our goal.
If we attempt to find happiness as a result of gaining acceptance from others, in material possessions, or in having money, we will again be falling short of the happiness that is within our power to experience. All these methods are tied to external conditions, over which we have no control whatsoever, and therefore can never lead us to true, lasting happiness.
Unfortunately, most of the emphasis these days is on learning how to more effectively get what we think we need to be happy. What we are attempting to do however, is satisfy our addictions. What we really need to do instead, is to learn how to eliminate our addictions, rather than satisfy them. We will always have activities, money, relationships and possessions, but instead of viewing them as sources of our happiness, they become expressions of our happiness.
When we begin to realize that nothing from the outside can help us find happiness, we are then free from that underlying sense of lack we all seem to have in our lives. When we lack nothing, we feel complete as we are. Feeling complete, we can then enter into a state of “Re-source-ful-ness…once again ‘full’ of source.” Source is defined as, “where all things originate,” even happiness! Being resourceful simply means being “open” to attract fortunate circumstances. In other words, when we don’t feel that we lack anything, we are open to receive. When we are in a state of “lack,” our focus is on our lack, therefore not leaving us open to receive new opportunities, resourceful solutions, or happiness. When we’re re-source-ful we can easily acquire material possessions, but we don’t become dependent upon them for our happiness, and we never fear loosing them, or our happiness. When we fear loosing what we have, our money, relationship, etc., the fear itself will cause us unhappiness. The key to happiness is to let go of our fears, to be happy with what we have, while pursuing what we want. Fear immobilizes! When we are experiencing fear we are stuck in the “past” or “future” where happiness does not and cannot exist. Letting go of what makes you unhappy is the secret to happiness.
We all believe that we have to resolve each of our problems in a way that completely eliminates them, in order to be happy, or we want to deny their reality altogether. However, in doing so, what we are really trying to do is to make reality into something other than what's really happening.
Life involves having and dealing with problems. That's why we're here in the first place. Name me one person who doesn't have problems and I'll show you someone without a pulse! In fact, if you're alive and you don't have've got real problems! (End part One)

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