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The Secret to Success and Happiness---Part Two

» Introduction
Problems are a fact of human life. Weeds will grow, even if we hate them and wish them gone! Why? That's the nature of weeds. They will grow without us planting them. Flowers, on the other hand, will grow, wither and die, even though we love them and want them to remain.
» Step 1
The Secret To Success and Happiness
Part Two
By Jim Britt

Problems are a fact of human life. Weeds will grow, even if we hate them and wish them gone! Why? That's the nature of weeds. They will grow without us planting them. Flowers, on the other hand, will grow, wither and die, even though we love them and want them to remain.
How do you feel about this reality? Maybe we should all just pretend that there are no weeds? Maybe we should all just pretend that all we love is not going to eventually die. Maybe we should just pretend that there are no problems and see what happens. We've all become pretty good at that one.
It's important to realize that all our dissatisfaction originates within us. It arises out of our own ignorance, out of our being blind to reality, or out of our desire for reality to be something other than what it is.
Life is a journey. The journey should be one of getting to know our true selves once again, a journey into nearness and self-intimacy. Our real journey is to awaken to the here and now, one of being fully alive and fully present in this moment, in this reality. After all this moment is all there is anyway.
We must come to three realizations in order to find happiness. First, life is fleeting. It's passing us by, moment to moment. Next, we are already complete, worthy of happiness, and whole. Last, we must see that we are our own refuge, and our own sanctuary. We need nothing from the outside to make us happy or more.
Every conflict in life has a life span. Letting go is about shortening the time from beginning to resolution.
Letting go helps you to break free of that spinning world in your mind and to live more fully in the moment. Letting go is a choice, moment to moment, a fork in the road. It’s a choice to buy into the delusion of our mind chatter, of past pains, or live within our true nature of love.
Love is not a word or simply a feeling, it’s a power source. It is an energy! You can call on it, turn it off and on at will. You can send it out and focus it for all sorts of uses. It will never fail you and is always available. Love is the common thread that connects all things. We all share a common “oneness” that is love.
To have happiness it is not necessary to discover the “universal workings” of things, it comes from our efforts at remaining re-source-ful, connected to, or in a state of love. Love is being connected to source…where ALL things originate. Letting go is not about giving up our skills or control of anything, instead we give up using them to manipulate the world.
When we die to the old, we create a vacuum for the new. Nothing can be added to a space that is full. When a non-resourceful emotion is surrendered, the vacuum that is created is filled with love.
Happiness is what’s taking place at this very moment. There’s no place else it could be. It’s not in the future is it? It’s not in the past, is it? It’s here and now. Where is here and now? As we sit having our dinner with the family, where is the upset we experienced this morning at the office? If the past doesn’t exist, then there can no longer be an upset. You’re thinking about how you’re going to fix the upset tomorrow. But where is tomorrow? It doesn’t exist.
So what is real? What does exist? There’s just your upset about this morning and tomorrow. There is only now. Even your story about what happened this morning is not happening now. It’s only your story. What’s real is the stress headache you’ve created for yourself out of something that doesn’t exist.
While the mind can be in the past or the future, the body always remains in the moment, because of its feeling nature. Feelings are always in the moment. Being in the moment is a condition that we all strive to attain, because deep inside we know that happiness is happening in the moment.
At this very moment there is just what’s happening. There is nothing we have to gain in order to be happy. You can never avoid this moment. We may not be awake to it, but it is always right here and now. We can only avoid seeing it. When we are avoiding this moment, we are avoiding our own happiness.
If something in your life is not working, and you are miserably about it, that’s it, that’s life! Let go and be with the misery, watch it disappear. There is where you will find happiness.
Don’t worry about the future. No one can make wrong decisions about the future, because a present decision does not create a future event. Present decisions only create present events. On the other hand a present experience that we hang onto, can, and will create an event in the present moment, somewhere in the future. This is why it so vitally important to deal with emotions as they arise instead of putting them off to deal with in the future.
Decisions do not make the future turn out a certain way, it is how we continue to think and feel after we make a decision that makes the future turn out the way it does.
When we learn to observe our unhappy state and let go of how things used to be, and any expectation of how the future should be, we can live life as it is right now. Only there will we discover happiness. So be happy. When you can be happy, you can find happiness. Do not pursue happiness, it cannot be caught. What you become is what you’ll attract.
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