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» Introduction
Donna's Dating Rules (Donna will help you to get off to the right start by not entering into bad relationships)
» Step 1
No female that sleeps with you on the first date is serious long term relationship material.

Guys that insist on having sex with you on the first few dates are not interested in you for the long term, he is just interested in a fling.

No guy that doesn't insist on paying for the first date is worth a second.

A girl who expects to pay for a first date doesn't deserve a second date.

Don't get so into a person that you cut yourself off from other opposite sex opportunities until there is a serious commitment
» Step 2
Rule# 6
A guy that expects you to meet him on the first few dates is not interested enough to pick you up, thus should be ruled out for a serious relationship.

RULE # 7
Don't date people who are bitter or angry, they will be trouble in the long run!

RULE # 8
Look for an individual who is generous, these individuals will make the best partners in the long run.

Don't date an older guy(50plus) who has nothing going on monetarily because if he doesn't have anything at this point in life, it is unlikely he will later in life.

RULE # 10
Don't date anyone who has no goals or ambition unless you are willing to pull them along in life.

» Step 3
RULE# 11
Girls- never tell a guy you are newly dating that your biological clock is running out.

RULE # 12
Guys- never date a girl if you learn that you don't want children and she is on a mission for someone to have kids is a waste of both your time and you may end up with an unwanted burden!

RULE # 13
You will have a more successful relationship if you find someone with similar goals and ideals for the future.

RULE# 14
Don't date a guy who is obsessed with his daughter.

RULE # 15
If you see any signs of substance abuse, run the other way!
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Donna's Dating Rules (Donna will help you to get ...
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