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» Introduction
Lists Best Bets on Craps Table
» Step 1
Did you know that 6 of the top 10 Best Bets in the casino
are found on the craps table?

Remember craps is always a negative expectation game,
you will never have a positive advantage. Your best chance of winning to to make the BEST BETS!


1. Pass Line
2. Odds Bet
3. Don't Pass Line
4. Lay Odds Bet (for Don't Pass bettors)
5. Place Bet on 6
6. Place Bet on 8
7. Buy Bet on 4 or 10

The "Buy Bet" on the 4 or 10 is added to this list as one of the best craps bet... IF the "Vig" (commission} 5% that the casino charges to make a buy bet IS PAID ONLY AFTER YOUR WIN, rather than when you first make the bet.

Ask the dealer before you make the Buy Bet when the "Vig" is paid.

Minium bet for "buy" bets $20.00 - you pay $1.00 commission.

Better to make a $25.00 bet. The dealer does not have quarters!
You will only be charged the $1.00 "vig", commission for your $25.00 wager. Better value!

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Perfect for the novice.

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