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How to Become a Spiritual Seller

» Introduction
Spiritual Selling combines powerful spiritual principles with proven sales strategies.
» Step 1
The world of business and sales has always been described in black and white terms. There are winners and losers with nothing in between. The winners are always the people or companies who make the most money. All other factors and results are swept away by the bottom line. How the sales were achieved is of little interest in the kill or be killed world of sales.

Corporate America has trained most of their salespeople to act as predators. They are taught to attack the marketplace in an effort to achieve a financial goal at all costs. This philosophy relies on a pure numbers game to achieve results. I understand that it is important to understand numbers when it comes to sales. The question is, “Can I balance the financial aspects of business with my spiritual beliefs and still become successful?” The answer is a resounding…YES!
» Step 2
The key to becoming a “Spiritual Seller” is to follow your gut and feelings at all times. Another important element is to always look at the big picture and overall good of all people involved. There are times when this can become difficult, especially when business is slow or money is tight. In these situations your faith will be tested by the universe. Will you do what you feel is right or will you take the money and run?

True spirituality is based on blind faith and forgiveness. You have to believe, at your core, that if you follow your heart you will achieve the results you desire. This is a lot harder then it sounds as we are constantly faced with difficult situations and moral decisions.

» Step 3
It All Starts with Energy

The majority of salespeople and companies are focused on strategies and tactics only. They never account for how the salesperson is feeling, about themselves, or the product or service they sell. This is why two salespeople with an equal skill level can receive exactly the same training but yield very different results. Having technical skill is only part of the equation. You must also feel good about yourself to become successful.

As you move to a higher level of energy vibration you will begin to attract the perfect clients. You will also begin to attract other people to help you along the journey. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving on a daily basis. Those messages are there to guide you through the process.

There will be times when you are faced with a moral dilemma.

Ultimately you will reach a place of peace and tranquility. This will help you leave the confusion of the ego behind and live a life of abundance.

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Spiritual Selling combines powerful spiritual prin...
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