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Tapping Away Sabotage

» Introduction
Battling the bulge has nothing to do with luck, will-power or privilege. Think of those you know or may have heard of, that have dropped an impressive amount of weight, only to gain it back, and then extra. Sometimes this is due to the method of weight loss. Other times, the reason is emotional and sometimes, it’s both. The fat may be gone, but the reasons for gaining the weight have not been dealt with and still remain.
» Step 1
Isn’t interesting how certain actors can drop or gain weight without a problem? There’s a role they want, it requires them to gain or lose (or both) 10, 30, 50 pounds, so they do it. Months after the shoot is over, they’re back to their original weight. The argument could be made that it’s easier for these actors because they have incomes that can support private trainers, specially prepared healthy meals, “fat camps,” etc. If this were true, however, then why is it that other celebrities, who have the same access to those resources can’t keep the weight off?

These individuals did not achieve the same mind-set as the previously mentioned actors. The people who lose weight and keep it off are not just “lucky” with good genes and fast metabolisms. They have developed or removed connections to food that allow them to succeed in changing their diet and exercise habits. Unfortunately, the emotional aspect of a weight loss program is often over looked.

“Stinkin-Thinkin,” is the problem that causes the negative emotions, controls our actions and sabotages our efforts. The normal method of dealing with negative emotions is talk therapy and/or chemicals (anti-depressants, alcohol, etc.) Not only can this be quite time consuming, as well as expensive, but it can be ineffective. Chemicals may have dangerous and even deadly side affects as well. Fortunately, there are other ways to deal with emotions and the energy they produce that are fast, effective, without side effects and free! One of the ways is to “tap” into those negative emotions and remove them forever.

Tapping, also known as the “Emotional Freedom Technique” or EFT, is a form of energy therapy. EFT is based on the discovery that negative emotions cause a disruption in the body’s energy system. This creates “zzzt,” a sort of static in the body. Stress, and its side affects such as sleepless nights, overeating, heart attack, etc, is just one example of negative energy disrupting the body. Our memories create emotions and emotions, good or bad, positive or negative, affect our bodies, and guide us and our behaviors. EFT neutralizes the emotions linked to memories that may cause us to do what we do. Done properly, tapping may give one the ability to identify the memories and the negative emotions that trigger sabotage.
» Step 2
Tapping on specific areas of the body, known as meridian points, produces a form of acupressure that stimulates the traditional acupuncture points. Though there are 12 meridian and 365 tradition points to tap on, the ones listed below, used in conjunction with positive and negative affirmations of an identified problem will achieve results. This technique balances the energy system and appears to relieve psychological stress and physiological pain. Doing so restores the balance to the body’s energy system and allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities. Using this technique, in conjunction with a sound, low calorie, fortified meal plan, should help to insure weight loss success. It is fast, safe, and easy to do. You don’t even have to believe that tapping works, or what the issue is that is causing you to sabotage you efforts. Just tap until a feeling or emotion arises—which is normally the issue that’s been hiding.

Do it and rate the results. Results are sometimes instant or may take a couple of days to settle in. They can be dramatic and permanent and they’re not just limited to weight-loss. Tap on an issue that’s bothering you, a goal you want to achieve, or when annoyed at that crazy driver who just cut in front of you.
» Step 3

Though there are many points throughout the body to tap on, these basic eight points will get the job done. There are four simple steps and a sequence of eight tapping points that can be combined in any order. It’s often easier for beginners to start tapping at the top and end at the top.

Begin with the Setup Statement: This removes any interfering blockage and properly aligns your energy and the issues.

Next start the Negative Tapping Round: This directs the mind to focus on the negative affirmations that are blocking your success and neutralizes them.

Then start the Positive Tapping Round: This installs the preferred experience in thought patterns and life.End with the Release: Take a slow, deep breath in, and let it out slowly. This will help move the energy throughout the body. A sip of water also helps to help release the emotion.
» Step 4

Side of Eye
Under the eye (be careful if you have long nails)
Under Nose
Collar Bone
Under Arm
Top of the Head

Setup Statement:
On a scale of 0-10 rate the urge or desire to consume the “Forbidden” food
0 = no discomfort and 10=strong discomfort. Make a note of how you feel

Tap the karate chop point on either side of your hand repeating the entire SETUP STATEMENT (example: “Even though
have this problem with overeating, I deeply love and completely accept myself.”)
Negative Tapping Round

Starting at the eyebrow point, begin tapping 7 – 10 times while repeating the negative affirmation

Positive Tapping Round

Starting at the eyebrow point, begin tapping 7 – 10 times while repeating the positive affirmation

Complete exercise with a deep breath to move energy throughout the body. Now rate the emotion again, it should be far lower. Repeat exercise until the feeling or urge is a zero.

That’s it! It’s a simple process that takes less than a few minutes. Again, the results can last a life time.
» Step 5

Repeat the following phrase 3 times while tapping the karate chop point

“Even though I feel like I’ll never be slim, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway”

Negative Affirmation:

(Eyebrow) I’ll never be slim
(Side of Eye)I’ll always be overweight
(Under Eye) I don’t deserve to be slim
(Under Nose) I’ll be sick if I’m slim
(Chin) It’s safer to be overweight
(Collar Bone) I have to starve myself to be slim
(Under Arm) I can’t see myself being slim
(Head) It’s too much work to stay slim

Positive Affirmation:

(Eyebrow) I’m in the process of becoming slim &
(Side of Eye) I deserve a slim, healthy body
(Under Eye) I see myself being slim and healthy
(Under Nose) I love my body
(Chin) It’s healthier to be slim
(Collar Bone) I enjoy living slim & healthy
(Under Arm) I allow myself to be slim
(Head) It’s easy to stay slim & healthy
Repeat this process as often as necessary and switch phrases when necessary, example: “This issue of chocolate,” “This issue with beer.

You can repeat the same affirmation, or mix them up. Try to make a mental movie in you mind; give it a title. As you review the movie in your mind give it a rating 0 -10

If in public, simply tap the karate point chop or collar bone may help relieve the emotion or urge.

Feel free to use this technique on other areas in your life. As you start to tap, you may uncover other issues that you hadn’t realized.

A great place to tap is in the bathroom. Your get two jobs done at once and it may be your only private time.

Have fun tapping! Athena
» Step 6
About the Author:

Athena K. Delmontie, has been an independent Health Advisor with Take Shape for Life since 2006. She and her family lost 143 pounds in 90 days using the TSFL program and its BeSlim philosophy. In her efforts to help particular clients overcome their self-imposed obstacles, she discovered the benefits of adding EFT to her support process.

For more information regarding Take Shape For Life, the program that has helped over a million people safely lose 15—30 pounds a month:

Call: (919) 366-6190; (800) 393-7886

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