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The Top 7 Ways To Sustain Your Mental Strength And Emotional Power

» Introduction
By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H. -- What the hell has happened to the life of comfort and predictability we used to enjoy? What’s happened to the spontaneous doing of things - without the escalating worry of how they’ll get done? What’s happened to the good and comfortable feeling connected to living our lives -- instead of the mounting concern over how we’ll continue to live as we’re accustomed to?
» Step 1
And because of the preceding – what’s become of our sense of self? Our capacity for resourcefulness? Initiative? Meeting the needs we have? Impacting our own life…and the lives around us?

No, it’s not the same anymore -- certainly, not the way it used to be outside and around us (i.e., our experience of life). And, as such, so many people have told me they feel pulled upon, unsure and anxious, indeed, they feel they must become different somehow to brace the ever increasing life challenges and demands they face.

“How Can I Counteract This ‘Being Squeezed/Pulled Apart’ Feeling
I Experience So Often These Days?!”

When you allow things outside of you to “determine” you, you feel controlled by them. So, when the demand upon you changes, you must then change internally to ensure appropriate levels of confidence and effectiveness continue to fuel your thoughts and actions. As such, apply the following 7 factors to help yourself mobilize a strengthened sense of self – indeed, an enhanced capacity for confidence fueled actions of success.

Remember: You have the capacity for greater effectiveness and personal life impact residing within you now; applying the following 7 factors will enable you to tap into this capacity so that the more existing as potential within you, becomes the more you generate to effectively, demonstrably deal with the demands of current life conditions!

1.) Start Doing Your Own Thinking

You start determining what you believe, how you believe --- and why you believe. Is the world coming to an end? Is the state of the world “beyond” what you can handle, or efficiently respond to? Are the “death forces” the media have so vigorously reported coming to “get” you (i.e., Sars, anthrax, mad cow disease, bird flu? By the way, whatever happened to all these “gonna get us” maladies?!)

Understand that the very power of life is naturally predisposed to re-generate (if necessary) – and keep on going. Charred and incinerated mountainsides always regrow to again flourish; life is designed to meet, engage, and overcome the challenges it faces. And, you are too!

Start saying now what is possible, probable…and what are the elements comprising your life. And, what you know you can - and are going to do - about things you may have to currently deal with.

You are stronger, and much more capable than you realize; let this realization come now to weave through your mental approach to living. For as you do, you will find there’s a power within you that’s been lying dormant that you can access and use to continue to make your life what you want it to be!

2.) Intentionally Focus On The Good, And The Positive What Can Be’s (Not Upon The “Bad”)

Can you honestly say you feel “good” after watching your nightly news broadcast? (Well, maybe during the sports segment if your team has won.) The likelihood is you don’t feel good after watching the news – yet you keep watching night after night.

News broadcasts focus upon the problems, the negatives, the disasters and the dilemmas of life. And, notice how you feel, night after night, watching stories embodying these type contexts.

Turn it around now -- and you start noticing, and focusing upon all the good you have in your life: Do you have money in the bank? Do you have vital health and physical function? Do you have friends, lovers, and social associates? Do you have a skill or marketable ability? Do you have a sound, functional, efficient mind? Can you apply yourself to produce a result or meet a need if you had to?

Yes? Well then, let yourself now focus upon these type issues. And envision yourself as decidedly capable, strong -- living the kind of life you want to. Indeed, determine, right now, that this is you…and what you’re producing, creating, and manifesting what you choose…right now!

3.) Begin Purposefully Doing More Now To Enhance Your Own Health And Vitality

Negatives wear you down. Worry wears you down. Stress wears you down. And as such, now I want you to start intentionally building yourself up!

Don’t look expressly to medications, elixirs or vitamins to “revive” you; look to you using your own inner power to now make yourself strong, more vital, and healthier:
• Start eating natural, healthy foods. Start drinking natural, healthy beverages (especially spring water). Start keeping only these kinds of foods and drinks in your home.
• Increase your activity level regularly. Take the stairs 1-2 floors up instead of the elevator. Ride a bike. Go swimming. Do yoga. Start exercising in a gym or fitness center (aerobics, weight training, cardio training, stretching), hike, walk or jog on the beach, etc.
• Say no to - and dis-connect from - stress and stressors you’ve been tolerating and/or accommodating.

You can choose to be a “lazy ass” and allow your physical efficiency to steadily “decay”. Or, you can become pro-active now, and do things to preserve and enhance your health, and physical body; I strongly encourage you start doing them!

4.) Each Night - Before You Go To Bed - Take Measures To
Throw Out The “Mental Garbage” Of Your Day

After dinner in the evening, most people will bag and tie their dinner remains, along with the rest of the day’s trash that was discarded in that bag. And then they’ll throw the bag into an outside dumpster or receptacle. Imagine if that bag was left un-tied, and in an open area in the kitchen.

How do you think the kitchen would smell the next morning?! Well, you likely already know the aroma would be unpleasant. Indeed, it would likely stink!

Such is the emotional parallel between hurts, frustration and anguish experienced during your day left unchecked in your mind and nervous system. The unconscious “stench” of these daily negatives serves to increase blood pressure, stress levels, muscular tension, degrees of insomnia, and hostile dream contexts.

You awaken the next day tired due to incomplete sleep and recovery. And your outlook for the new day is influenced by your unconscious still processing the negatives of your yesterday! As such, before you get into bed to sleep, choose to wholly release and let go of any/all hurts and frustrations you experienced during your day. For example: the guy who cut you off in traffic. The thing a co-worker said about you behind your back. The neighbor who took their time moving their car as it was partially blocking your driveway. The “friend” of yours who was supposed to do something for you they said they would – but did not.

Imaginatively say to each of them, “You’re done, and I’m now done with you…Yes - thoroughly and completely, right now!” Then, imagine you’re exhaling a white mist with your next 3 consecutive breaths – wholly discharging any remaining feeling you have connected with each offense.

Next, say - and feel - the notion “Now, I’m done with today…and I now easily, and comfortably allow myself to drift off to sleep --- peacefully, and at ease.”

Then, its lights out, and sweet dreams!

5.) Before You Begin Each Day - Upon Awakening - Reinforce Ability, And Positive Possibilities That You Sense Await You As Potentials

Upon awakening, don’t just let your mind “run its course”. Now, you’ll take deliberate measures to direct your thinking into positive, hope stimulating, enthusiasm activating channels.

Think about and reinforce the many talents, skills and abilities you know you possess. For example: The ability to plan something, then follow through to successful completion. The ability to extend genuine appreciation and goodwill. The capacity for resourcefulness and creativity. The ability to ask for, and get, what you truly feel you need, want, and/or deserve. The ability to conceive and visualize an idea or desire – and then externally act to manifest its tangible physical equivalent.

Then, genuinely consider all the good that exists for and awaits you as a possibility (which is likely more vast than you’ve ever considered before). Yes – the possible new friend or alliance you can make. The excellence you’ll demonstrate and/or produce at your job. The possible break, or big break you’ve been working toward producing, and/or experiencing. Quality time spent with friends, with your kids, or family members. The great yoga, cardio, or weight training workout you know you’ll have after work. Speaking to your boss about that raise and promotion you feel you deserve (and then getting it). Moving even further ahead with some personal improvement project you’ve been engaging, etc.

Fill your mind with as many of the preceding thoughts and notions as possible upon awakening. They’re there; project them now as part of a daily, positive mental “breakfast”.

6.) Expose Yourself To Decidedly Self Empowering Elements –
And Avoid Self Draining Elements

The person who you say makes you feel bored, tired, or disgruntled -- tell them how you feel, and then choose (if possible) to dis-connect from them.

That cigarette smoking, loud music playing, door slamming neighbor of yours – stop being a “good” neighbor, and become an appropriate self respecter ; stand up, speak up, and act as you feel is necessary and justified to preserve your own peace of mind and emotional welfare!

Turn off the negative laced nightly news TV and radio broadcasts. Then, focus on “news” you determine is useful, meaningful and important.

Start reading positive idea, emotionally empowering books and articles. And listen to decidedly positive, life enhancing ideas and concepts on CD’s, or on your internet headphones. (On my site at, you’ll find many of these type programs for your personal development, and life enrichment.)

Do a daily meditation where you wholly focus on you, and your life reflecting - and filled - with peace, success, joy, positive interactions, satisfaction and good feelings. (This is not escapist, “pollyanna” folly; it’s literally health enhancing, emotional strengthening, positive life building success programming!)

Reinforce positive self talk ideas and notions to yourself throughout your day. For example: “There is as much good for me today, as there is for anyone else.” “As I give out my best - with genuine goodwill - the same will come back to me.” “Every situation I engage has some good for me; as I look for it, I’ll find it!”

Yes, deliberately align yourself and your thinking with the positive and the enriching. And to as great a degree as possible, avoid what you recognize as unresourceful and caustic.

7.) Align Yourself With Positive, Success, Goodness Focused People. Then, Intentionally Keep Your Conversations Positive Focused, Success/Goodness Presumptive, And Progress/Advancement/Fulfillment Based

Any time I have lunch with my personal clients, the conversation topic is always upbeat and positive. Why? Because there’s too many positive things to discuss, focus upon, and consider within the realm of the “what can, and will be” in their lives.

This type conversation breeds, and leads to, life goodness becoming envisioned…and later physically actualized. They always say, “Pete - I wish I could spend even more time with you; I always feel the good in life is just as possible for me after we’re done speaking!”

Find people who harbor the positive, discuss the positive, and are always looking forward to the positive in life. Then, strive to connect with them, and converse with them at their level!

Or, make some new subject matter/idea content “rules” to govern the conversations you have with the people you currently spend time with.

Align yourself with people who are noticeable progressive thinkers, success thinkers, ambitious, initiators -- those naturally filled with life’s spirit of goodness - and what is enriching and expressly positive life expanding. Think like them. Communicate like them. Be like them.

Turn intentionally now away from the apparent gloom/doom aspersions current life has seemingly cast. The “what you want’s”, and “why you can’s”, and “that you can’s” about life are still there -- as deep and as plentiful as they’ve ever been! And so, I encourage you to apply the 7 factors I’ve outlined to help you reinstate your self empowerment and positive focus; then you’ll come to understand the euphemism beyond “life is what you make it” — you’ll understand, clearly, that life is what you think and believe about it – and your mental/emotional welfare follows suit!
» Step 2
Powerhouse self-help author, life transformation specialist, private clinician, and national TV therapist, Peter C. Siegel, R.H. is the country’s foremost peak performance hypnotherapist, and #1 personal best coach.

Go ahead and review his acclaimed PowerMind© national best selling life and mega-success building programs, including Building Super Confidence, Success Mind-Sets, Using Your Stress To Fuel Your Success!, Living Invincibly Positive, Winning At Life, and The Formula© at

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