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The Prosperity Institute Outlook

» Introduction
"One of the secrets to a life of joy, satisfaction and abundance is that we are creating our world from the inside out... as within so without... we are always harvesting something we planted."
» Step 1

Our thoughts, words and actions have tremendous power. How we use them, reactively or proactively, can literally change our lives measurably. The Prosperity Institute has developed programs that help people discipline and exercise their mind, the most powerful tool that we have in creating life. We are not circumstances, we are the creators of our worlds.

Whether we own a business, are a CEO, a salesperson, a parent, employee, male or female, we have tremendous power to change. Like gravity, which operates invisibly in our life, there are other Universal Laws of Success. There is more than one secret to success and in actuality, none are secret. Beginning with the ancient Kabbalists and Greek philosophers, to Napoleon Hill and to modern day philosophers, all agree that another powerful law is accepting responsibility for our lives. We are not victims. We can change once we wake up to the fact that change is required. Waking up requires that we see how we have created all of the events up until now.

"The Master is within, Life is the teacher" ... Success is created by a combination of tools, starting with thoughts, words and actions.

All too often today, action is left out. Intuitive action, inspired by an awakened soul, one that knows that he or she is the creator of their world, takes one into a new world... beyond the old horizons.

"What is my role in this... what is this here to teach me?"... are two of the questions that students begin to answer... unable to assign blame except to the person in the mirror, growth begins.

Jim Rohn once said, "the harder I worked on myself, the better my business did."

At The Prosperity Institute, all of our programs help the process of "working on yourself."

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