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When The S**T Hits The Fan

» Introduction
When the s_ _ t hits the fan, who turned the fan on anyway? By Steve Lentini
» Step 1
When the s_ _ t hits the fan, who turned the fan on anyway?By Steve Lentini

"How am I looking at things?" and "Can I look differently at things," are two questions that I have been asking myself. I am getting used to asking these questions of myself as I see how my view is affecting outcomes.
Who is this that is looking at things? Who is this guy anyway? I am the common denominator in all the events of my life. I am the one constant.
When I think of this, it eliminates the part of me that is the victim. When the s_ _ t hits the fan, who turned the fan on? I did.
Ok, knowing that and doing something about it is challenging because for me, it means being aware and awake enough to look at things differently than I have. To create something new, I have to "notice" my tendencies to be a reaction. As Dr. Rao of Columbia University points out, "we must develop the observer state of mind in ourselves to begin to change our reactions." How many people actually reach that point? For me, I have been in a training program for seven years that teaches people to be "awake" to one's reactions, and teaching it for five years in my Universal Sales Training classes. I catch myself being a reaction in parts of every day. I am grateful to be noticing that.
Physicists now say that the observer, in experiments with particle accelerators, affect the outcome of those experiments. You are the observer in your life affecting the outcome of situations whether you are awake enough to consciously choose a path or not.
Here are some suggestions for developing a new view, looking at things differently;
Work on developing an observer state... a witness state as Dr Rao* likes to say... "the witness to your reactive state." Resolve to notice your tendency to react, to whom and to what over the next few weeks or for a month.
Journal those tendencies... write down to who and what you wanted to or did react to.
Look over those journal entries, after the test period... who and what pushed your buttons. Are the difficult people in your life on the list? Is your significant other on there? Your job, employees, traffic, lines, authority, etc... Now you have at least become aware of the who and what about your reactions.

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