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Inviting Well Being Into Your Life (Law of Attraction, Happiness)

» Introduction
Your reality is created from the space inside of you. Fill up this space with well being. The Goddess of Abundance is knocking on your door. Welcome her in.
» Step 1
Well being is the state of feeling one with oneself and with everything else in life.

The state of conflict with anything, anyone or any situation causes discomfort, and increased states of discomfort results in grief, sadness, apathy, depression, and then anger, hatred, jealousy, violence, etc.

Most of the violence in the world happens because people are not comfortable with each other, or with situations.

In the place of well being, abundance and health happens and all that is good and pure flows to you automatically.

Great things happen, peace happens, good people enter your life, sickness stays away, and all that gets attracted is a continuous stream of good news.

In this place of utter peace and happiness with your life, the energy streams that are activated are healthy and supportive of your existence in this world.

In this world, all types and kinds of life forms co-exist. Each life is open to well being from the Source. Even a plant constantly sends out prayers to the Source asking for well being, and in return Source grants its request through a pouring of healthful rain, and other nutrients.

All life forms have equal access to this source of well being, and all that is required is a prayer. This prayer is not from the space of "I am unhappy with this world" but is from the space of "I am grateful for having this life experience".

The source of wellbeing and power exits within all of us, and it is important to connect with it.

However if it seems difficult to be connected to this source within you all the time, you can also access it outside of you, by connecting with sources of wellbeing already existing. How do you know if something indicates wellbeing for you? Toss around a person, thing or situation in your mind, play with that energy and sense what it has to offer to you. And you will know if you feel better. And as you connect more and more, you will feel infinitely better and attract abundance into your life. It's a conscious choice that varies from moment to moment.

How does the Law of Attraction fit into all this? The Universe clearly responds to well being, and even a small grain of well being attracts more and more to it, creating a cascading of well being into your life.

The state of well being is the state of abundance. It is all yours. This world and its manifestations belong to you. Believe it!

Steps to well being-

1. Accepting situations as they are stops the fight within you. This is not a defeatist attitude from cowardice but is actually a way of making peace so that energies can still and become calm. From the state of acceptance, it is easier to create a positive outcome and invite well being into your life.

2. Heal your heart- If your heart contains hurt and sadness, it clashes with the state of well being (read my article- The Heart is your center of manifestation).

3. Open up to possibilities again- The past is past and must not become a part of your next moment, which is new and stands by itself.

4. Mentally keep moving from one level to another- Each energy level is a corridor in itself, and you must keep climbing and changing corridors so that the life pictures that you see also change.

Your reality is created from the space inside of you. Fill up this space with well being. This planet is in ascension and people need to create their space of well being now. Whatever energies that you choose to associate with, you must select carefully. Or strengthen yourself, and anchor yourself to the energy of well being, and from that space handle everything else.

The Goddess of Abundance is knocking on your door. Welcome her in.

Sugandhi Iyer
Coach, Joyful Manifestation (Law of Attraction)

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