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How to Upload a Video to OneMinuteU

» Introduction
Uploading a video to OneMinuteU is a simple process. Once you've filmed and edited your video, it's as easy as following these few steps.
» Step 1
Before you can upload a video, you must be logged in to OneMinuteU. If you haven't joined OneMinuteU, make sure to sign up for a membership. It's totally free and only takes a few minutes.
» Step 2
Use these guidelines when readying your file for upload:

* Video Resolution of 640x480. We can accept higher resolution, and widescreen formats, but we downsize the videos to between 448x336 and 336x252.

* MP3 Audio. Stereo, 128kbs, 44 kHz. This will give you a decent sound quality at minimal size.

* Avi (DivX / Xvid), Quicktime and WMV video formats. Using any of these formats will get you good compression and file sizes for upload. We accept and can encode all of them. MPEG is also an option, but it can be far larger then any of the formats listed.

* Play length of the file cannot exceed ONE MINUTE (60 seconds). Any files longer than that will not be activated after upload.

* The file can be no larger than 100MB.

* The file MUST be allowable according to our Terms of Use (see link at bottom of page). A file that does not follow our terms of service will not be activated.
» Step 3
Now that you're logged in and your file is prepared, click the UPLOAD button on the right hand side of the screen. This will bring you to the Add Content page. Here, you will click the button the says UPLOAD A VIDEO to continue.

(For information on writing an article, please see the article "How to Write An Article for OneMinuteU")
» Step 4
This is the Video Information screen. You will enter:

* Title of Video

* Category or Categories (select from a list)

* Tags - keywords that will increase your chances of being seen in a search result

* Description - a short description of your video

Once you have entered this information, review our Terms of Use, then check the box signifying you've done so.

Click the button GO TO STEP 2; UPLOAD.
» Step 5
On this page, you will select the video file you want to upload.

* Click the BROWSE button, which will open a finder window

* Select the appropriate file

* Once you have done so, click the button UPLOAD YOUR FILE NOW!

Please note: you must have pop-ups ENABLED to upload your video.
» Step 6
Uploading your video will take a few minutes, depending on the file size and your connection speed. (A pop up progress bar will appear, as well as an approximate countdown timer.)

When the upload is completed, you'll be directed to a page that let's you know that your video has been successfully uploaded.

Please allow 24-48 hours for video approval. Once your video is approved, you'll receive an email letting you know. If for some reason there was a problem with your upload, the email will advise you on re-uploading or taking further action.
» Step 7
Tell your friends! Make sure to let everyone you know that your video is online at OneMinuteU. Send out an email with the link to your video or embed it on your webpage, blog or MySpace page using the appropriate code next to your video on the website. (See photo)

Remember: the person with the highest rated video has a chance to win $2,500! (Click on Contests for complete rules.)

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