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How to Write an Article for OneMinuteU

» Introduction
Writing an article for OneMinuteU is a simple process. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind that will spell difference between writing a mediocre article and a great one.
» Step 1
Before you can write an article, you must be logged in to OneMinuteU. If you haven't joined OneMinuteU, make sure to sign up for a membership. It's totally free and only takes a few minutes.
» Step 2
When writing an article for OneMinuteU, make sure that what you're writing about can be broken down in to a STEP BY STEP process. Keep in mind that the goal of your OneMinuteU article is to teach anyone on your topic... and draw more attention to your website, business, products and more.
» Step 3
Once you have created an account and prepared your article, login to OneMinuteU. Click the UPLOAD button in the right corner. On the next screen, click the button the reads WRITE AN ARTICLE.

(For information on video uploads, see article "How to Upload a Video to OneMinuteU")
» Step 4
You are now on the Article Information Page. Enter the:

* Title of Article

* Categories (select from a list)

* Tags - single words that describe your article. Providing tags helps people to search for your article

* Introduction to your article -- this is the text that will appear at the beginning of your article and also the summary people will see when searching our article database

* An image (optional)

Once you've filled in this information, review our Terms of Use; once you have done so, check to box to acknowledge that you have read and understand them. Then click the CONTINUE BUTTON.
» Step 5
Now, you'll write your article in a step-by-step fashion. You can use as many or as few steps as you want. However, your article must follow this format or it will not be published.

DO NOT simply copy and paste some of your existing work into the first step and leave it at that. That article will not be published. It's OK to use work you've already done, but you might need to change it a little bit to fit it into our step-by-step, how-to format.

Also, during this step, you can select a background color for your article.

When you're done, click the CONTINUE button.
» Step 6
Review your article. Take a few minutes to proofread, making sure that there are no typos and that all information is correct. If you see a problem either in the information or steps of your article, you can click the appropriate EDIT link and fix it there.

Keep in mind, you cannot edit an article once it has been posted to OneMinuteU. (You can, however, delete it if you choose.)

When you're finished, click the button that says PUBLISH MY ARTICLE.
» Step 7
Finally, you'll receive confirmation of your uploaded article. Please allow 24-48 hours to review your article for content. If there is a problem with your article, you will be notified by our staff and advised.
» Step 8
TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Make sure to send your friends, family, clients, customers and anyone else you know the link to your article! Get the word out... you're an expert on OneMinuteU!

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