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Now Playing: How to Stop Global Warming
Green Living
How to Stop Global Warming
A short clip of ways to help stop Global Warming featuring the animals of &... (full description)

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By: Oliver
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What a FUN Way to Learn to Conserve!!
Great song and even better advice! STOP GLOBAL WARMING NOW!!!!! Support Denis at
By: Brent
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what fun!!!
Kids will love it (perhaps politicians might learn something)
By: Bubbles
Rated This Video:
Start 'em young!!
What a great video for kids and adults. I love that it's not doom and gloom. Makes me want to trade in my station wagon...
By: MarkyMark
a fun clip!
This is a really fun clip that spreads enthusiasm for keeping green - and understanding the importance of it.
By: Master Blaster
I only understand concepts like global warming if they are in bright, colorful animated form. Good clip.
By: Gick
Pretty funny and entertaining. I'm going to pass this on to the science teacher at my school. This is a great intro for her Earth Day lesson.
By: Piano and Magic Lessons
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It's an excellent way to bring up children to think about the environment and what to do to help it.
By: Oliver
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more please!!
My kids love your video. Do you have more that relate to saving the environment?
By: Frosty Trees
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this was great
By: Drizzle
Great stuff!
That was a very entertaining way of sharing the message with kiddies! I'm a great believer in teaching respect for the planet from a young age. It's the only way we've got any hope for future generations to take it seriously.
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