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How to Make a Mix CD for Your Love

» Introduction
Stumped on what to give your lover as a Valentine's gift? Or maybe a bit broke? Make 'em a mix!
» Step 1
Cheesy as it may seem to some, for the right person a mix CD (or tape, if you’re feeling nostalgic) can be a great way to express your love on Valentine’s Day. A well-made mix CD can leave your significant other with something to listen to numerous times that will make them appreciate your love all the more! So if you’re fortunate enough to be with someone who shares the same love for music as you do, simply follow these steps to create a memorable and effective mix!
» Step 2
Pay Attention to the Lyrics

This cannot be stressed enough. Just because you never noticed that line in that Prince song with the fly bass line that you love about leaving your lover for somebody younger doesn’t mean that your love won’t. People respond to different things in music - while some might listen to everything on a pure musical level and not notice anything about the lyrics, others concentrate on just the opposite. And if you’re making this mix as a part of an expression of your love for the recipient, you want to definitely make sure that the lyrics to the songs you’re including on it are in line with those feelings. Not every song needs to be a full-on love song, just make sure that you are paying attention to all the lyrics in each song you include to avoid confusion and misread feelings down the line.
» Step 3
Order Matters!

This applies to the songs both lyrically and musically. Musically, try to construct a mix that flows together well. If you just get a bunch of songs together and throw them on there in no particular order, your mix is going to sound shoddy and your lack of effort will be evident. So go through everything, and listen to the beginnings and ends of each song. Do they lead in and out of each other in a nice, non-jarring way? Also, try and pick a nice opening song, one that is energetic but not too abrasive right off the bat, and a good solid closing song, one that is dramatic yet hopeful, or maybe kind of reflective.

As for the order of the lyrics, this is maybe a bit less important but it’s always nice if you can help it to have both the beginning and ending songs have lyrics that carry strong meaning to you, lyrics that sum up as well as possible how you feel about your love. You always want to start with something great to get them interested, and end with something great to leave them feeling happy and hopefully a bit more in love with you after the mix is done.
» Step 4
Decorate Your Mix

In addition to concentrating on the music that goes into your mix, you want to make sure that you put of good deal of effort into making an attractive package to give to your love. Multicolored permanent markers are easily found at any office supply store, and are good for decorating the CD itself. If you have any reasonably competent drawing skills you can show them off here, but if not, just take your time and add some colors to the CD, and try to make any handwriting you use as neat and interesting as possible. You can make a neat little “liner note” package as well, just try to find some nice colorful craft paper to use as a base. Then, you can add a photo of the two of you or something that has meaning for you both, and maybe even a short little love letter or poem.

Another tip is to send the mix to your love through the mail, rather than just giving it to them in person. Make sure you send it early enough so that it will definitely arrive before Valentine’s Day - it helps to send it via courier or express mail if you can manage it. This will allow you to decorate an envelope to add to your overall package, giving you a bit more of a “canvas” to work with. And lots of people really enjoy getting packages in the mail, so as long as you assure that your package arrives early enough it will be a nice surprise for your love.
» Step 5
Give Them the Kind of Music They Like

Listen, this is Valentine’s day, and your mix is supposed to be a gift for your love. So make sure the music that you include in your mix is in line with the kind of music that you know they’ll like. Don’t try to use his opportunity to finally get your punk rock lover into Norwegian black metal (even if you just KNOW they’d love it if they only gave it a chance). Rather, think about their music collection and try and come up with a bunch of songs that you think they’d really be into. This doesn’t mean that you have to make them a mix of music they already own, but just try and put some thought into your selections. If you know that they dig Jamiroquai, it would probably be cool to throw some old Stevie Wonder stuff on there. A love’s possession of the entire Clash discography opens up all kinds of opportunities to include lots of similar-sounding music, and so on. If you can put any of your own musical preferences aside for a bit and take some time to think about what they might really like, it shouldn’t be hard at all to come up with a bunch of songs that they’ll love.
» Step 6
Include Songs that have Special Meaning for the Two of You

Sometimes, especially early in a relationship, this might not be entirely possible. But brainstorm a bit, and try to think of some songs that the two of you may have shared an experience with in the past - maybe a concert that you went to together, or a song that you both sang along to on the radio or at karaoke, or something that was playing during an important and memorable moment in your relationship. If you can include a handful of songs like this on your mix, you really have a chance to sweep your love off his or her feet. Because not only will these songs remind them of special, loving times that they shared with you, but it will also show them that you have been taking the time to remember these moments. And it will make the use of this mix as an expression of your love more sincere.
» Step 7
So there you have it! Keep in mind that this probably works best with people who, you know, enjoy music, and are going to be okay with you being a little silly and sappy. But if you think you're guy or girl will be into it, then throw your heart on your sleeve, follow the above tips, and give your love an emotastic mix that they're love.

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