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Spiritual Health

» Introduction
We are made of a body and spirit. A neglected spirit can cause many difficulties in one's life: stress, illnesses, depression, unhappinness, or anxiety. Learn the the steps you can take to improve your Spiritual Health and thus improve your Life.
» Step 1
Nourish your spirit: Just like our bodies need to eat three nutritious meals a day and drink water, our spirits must be nourished daily with God's word, His love, and regularly with His body and blood, through communion.
» Step 2
Clean your spirit: Just like we take baths, wash our hands, brush our teeth, our spirits must be cleansed daily, so that they do not accumulate toxins: such as anger, resentment, jealousy. We clean our spirits through forgiveness, asking for God's mercy and through the sacrament of Confession or Reconciliation.
» Step 3
Rest your spirit: Just as our bodies need to sleep 8 hours a day, our spirit needs to rest daily through meditation, stillness, and quiet. Our spirits also need regular 'retreats' away from the noise of this world, and resting with the Lord, in His stillness and quiet.

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We are made of a body and spirit. A neglected spi...
Views: 3466