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Health & Healing
Beginner Back Massage Technique
Basic back massage technique that's great for couples. Just one of the man... (full description)

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Comments & Reviews
By: Drizzle
Looks easy enough . :)
Thanks for the tips there, Edan. Can I ask how long you need to do it for roughly for it to be effective? My husband's always complaining about backache and I'd like to attempt this.
By: Edan
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Response for Drizzle..
Hi there. Glad you enjoyed my video. The technique that I demonstrated is generally used for relaxation massage and not for specific relief of back pain. However, if done correctly, it can relieve some back pain because it does increase blood circulation in the back which will in turn help the body heal itself. This technique in Swedish Massage is called Effleurage and is usually used to warm up the tissues and as a beginning stroke. Feel free to try it out on your husband and see if it helps. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me via my website, Good luck! All the best. Edan
By: Edan
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New Video. Coming Soon!
Ever want to learn how to give a hour-long full-body relaxation massage to your partner? Our new video is coming soon! Easily downloadable. Check for more information.
By: Diane Corriette
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Lovely technique
That looked so good just watching you perform it! I am looking forward to using it - thanks
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Basic back massage technique that's great for coup...
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