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Now Playing: Vanishing coin tutorial
Vanishing coin tutorial
Vanishing coin tutorial plz RATE!!!

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By: karrottop
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You are a discrace to the magic profession, you are to clumbsy to be a card magician so allyou know how to do is tell secrets, just like a little girl and you do that poorly also. you must get your thrills by doing this, glad to see they kicked you off the other video site.
By: YoMagic
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I hope you get this, I'm a great magician, and I'm well appreciated on all sites, glad 2 see they kicked me off what site? I'm on like 5 sites, and I've never been kicked off one! Your comments are lame and so are you, seriously, writing on every video I'm in the bathroom... duh!?!?!?! Hello I can see that I made the freakin vid, why are u all up in my gril any way, let me see you do some magic.... visit these sites then bite your tongue!
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