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» Introduction
One of the biggest challenges we’re confronted with on a daily basis is fear. Fear always seems to reveal itself and stare us right in the eyes when we begin to move our lives forward in attaining our dreams.
» Step 1
Depending on what it is we want, or want to achieve, there are many types of fear that we may experience; fear of success, fear of commitment, fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of rejection, fear of change, just to name a few.

Though in order to move ourselves forward and succeed at whatever is it we desire to achieve we must be able to identify and challenge any fear that prevents us from achieving success. For more on this topic visit
» Step 2
The key word is challenge. We shouldn’t allow fear keep us from living our dreams. Within each experience we need to confront and challenge our fears; whatever they may be.

We need to be consciously aware of our thoughts and feelings, rather than unconsciously acting upon them. Having clarity of thought, clarity of purpose and clarity of intent brings forth awareness and allows energy to flow. Clarity also allows us to be in control; choosing to take control or allowing tem to control us.
» Step 3
The first step in controlling the fears that are holding you back is by having the ability to identify them. Yet, most people deny their fears so they don't have to face them; omitted the opportunity to grow towards what they want instead of what they don’t want. The reason most people run from their fears is they’ve been programmed and conditioned to self-sabotage themselves caused by self-limiting beliefs and negative behavior.

Thought waves are energy. And it is our thoughts that create our emotional state. Successfully people who are the masters of their own destiny have developed the ability to manage their emotional state. They know that fear is a negative emotion and don’t allow it to block the energy they require to manifest their goals, dreams and hearts desire. Successful people, when aware that fear may be bearing down will use it as a self motivator to break through barriers.

We are the ones that are ultimately responsible for our life and we each posses the inner qualities, resources and potential we need the make the desired changes and differences we want in our life as well as the lives of others. By developing the ability to gain conscious awareness of our fears and change our perspective about our fears we allow ourselves to move our life forward in the path of greater and lasting success.

About: Author and success coach, Mario Anthony Salvi has been studying self-mastery philosophies, techniques, and concepts for over 25 years. He is an active member of the Florida Speakers Association (FSA), and the International Coaching Federation (ICF), including earning a coaching certification through Bob Proctor's (of The Secret) LifeSuccess program. He believes that we’re all born with infinite potential, and is widely known as being an empowering and highly effective coach specializing in coaching individuals in making positive changes in their 'Success Blueprint' resulting in increasing potential toward greater achievements and success.

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