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How We Can Easily Correct Sagging Eyelids to Preserve Vision

» Introduction
Poor muscle tone and lack of ligament support that begins in the forehead will pushes downward into the brows and the results affect the eye lids as they pool onto the lashes resulting in impaired vision. This is caused by inactivity in the upper portion of the face.
» Step 1
Heavy eye lids may have looked sultry and sexy on long-gone film sirens like Bette Davis and Barbara Stanwyck but in today's society, heavy eye lids may mean that impaired vision is in your future.

Gravity plays a large role regarding the condition of your eye lids. Like the muscles in the body that elongate due inactivity and lack of exercise, your forehead and eye brows muscles can elongate, too, then move downward into the muscles surrounding the eyes.

This very quiet elongation means that one day you will notice that the distance between your eye brows and eye lashes have diminished and those once youthful eye lids look creased and lined.

Crows' feet are another indicator that your eye brows and forehead are in need of attention. Crows' feet can be lines and they can also be folds that develop at the corner of the eye affecting the peripheral vision. Left untreated, you may consciously or unconsciously begin to lift your forehead when you are speaking resulting in deep horizontal forehead lines. You might also realize that you are experiencing eye strain, tiredness and even headaches from this increased activity.

Poor muscle tone and lack of ligament support that begins in the forehead will pushes downward into the brows and the results affect the eye lids as they pool onto the lashes resulting in impaired vision. This is caused by inactivity in the upper portion of the face.
» Step 2
Some people who have sagging eye lids, commonly called dermatochalasis by the medical community, will immediately elect to have surgery; some may even try Botox or other modalities recommended by their physician; however, there is another avenue that will produce remarkable results without anything invasive.

Rather than electing to have a brow lift or upper eye lid surgery or both, many savvy consumers are rethinking surgery and considering specialized facial exercise to correct this malady that usually affects most everyone over the age 50.

Just as exercise trims a thick waistline, slims inner and outer thighs and strengthens the abs, specific exercises can indeed lift sagging upper eyes, eye brows and more.

The forehead muscle is called the frontalis muscle. It is a vertical muscle that originates in the hairline. When it loses its tone and elasticity, it elongates by pushing into the eye brow muscles which then weakens the upper eye lids.

Your frontalis muscle can regain strength through isometric contraction exercise and this action lifts the forehead and the eye brows. By frequently exercising the muscles around the eyes and the forehead muscle horizontal lines will soften, the eye lids will open and the impaired vision? Well, in just a few weeks, your eye lids will lift and your eyes will look brighter. Try it! What do you have to lose – just saggy eye lids that make you look tired.

Rather than opting for temporary measures such as surgery and injections that may detrimentally alter the face, exercise will increase the distance between the eye brows and the eye lashes giving the user a lifted look. Your eyes will feel and look brighter and healthier without any risk, pain or recovery. Exercise works!

Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness with over thirty years experience in health & beauty related fields. She has appeared on The View, Fit TV, HGTV and other popular shows. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children’s inheritance.

Cynthia Rowland
“I Save Faces”

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