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Health & Healing

» Introduction
Stop the Fear of Change and Let Me Off! Gwendolyn Edgar-Miles Fear of change can keep you from achieving your life dream. Don't let your fears paralyze you into doing nothing! Learn some steps to begin changing.
» Step 1
Fear of change can immobize an individual from making any positive moves. The trauma and drama of shutting yourself down can be extremely paralyzing. Whe fear grips your emotions take a step back and listen- listen to what is being said, not your percpetions.
» Step 2
Think about how the change can benefit you in a positive way and what and the advantages to this change are. Think about why I am having this emotional resistence to issue.
» Step 3
Take a deep breath when the paranoia starts to invade your senses. Realize that change can be good! Keep an open mind and ask questions (write them down so you can remember what they are).
Also, realize that some things we do not have control over. It is out of our control and this is ok!
» Step 4
I am a proponent of sticking to what your beliefs are and doing the right thing. However, do not be slave to your fears or the resistence to change. Again, change is good! Break the barriers to your fears and let them go!
» Step 5
Listen to your intuition, I always do! When the feeling in my gut starts to nag at me I know this may not be the right thing for me to do. When that voice in my head is quiet, then I know it is the right thing for me to do.
» Step 6
Take baby steps this might help in the transition. Never take a large leap into a situation. Give yourself a few days to think it over. Never let anyone pressure y0u into making a decision right away. If they insist, something is wrong. DO NOT DO IT!!!
» Step 7
Always remember to take a while and think over all of the aspects of the problem, this may help in conquering some of the fear of making a change. It is never necessary to rush into anything! This can make all of the difference in swimming and not sinking!

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