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The Seeker Now Finds

» Introduction
If you seek knowledge and wisdom, you need to read this article.
» Step 1
Become a Seeker Who Also Finds!
Feb 2008, Copyright

by Michelle L. Casto, Ph.D.

So you have read the books, watched the movies, and spent thousands on products that are supposed to help you finally attract what you want in life.

You have shelves of information, right?
In fact, I bet some of those very resources remain unopened and still in the package.

The real question is ---Do your results match your investment of time, money and energy?

Not so much?

You are not alone, my friend.
I have been there and so have many of my clients.
They too were seekers who were on a continual search for “the secret.”

Lovers of knowledge must seek--- that is natural.
However we must also FIND.

Let me use a simple analogy.
If you are making a cake and forget the eggs, your cake will not turn out the way you want it to, it may not even taste good at all!
Just like with personal development, you must have all the necessary ingredients to experience a Fulfilling Life.

If your life is not happy and successful (the way you envision it), an ingredient is missing.

Let’s see what you have so far.

You have a secret dream of being someone bigger, brighter, happier, and more loving.
You want to contribute your gifts and talents to the world.
You want to liberate yourself from a mundane existence, the prison of working for not-so enlightened people, barely scraping by financially, and running low on energy.
You want to help yourself so you can help others.
You can imagine the happiness, love, and success in your mind’s eye, but still see the same old reality in your face.

And still you persist.
You absorb wisdom every day and take time to self-reflect, learn, and grow your soul.
You are gaining new insights.
You are seeing new opportunities.
You are meeting like-minded people.
You are journaling your heart out.

Exhaustion is creeping in. You wonder: “Will I ever get there?!”

Not if a critical ingredient is missing.

Something that would bring everything together for you.
Something to help you stay aligned with your BIG VISION.
Something to help you fight off the demons of doubt and fear.
Something to help you put the final pieces of your success puzzle together.

If you are spiritually smart, you know it is not some Thing at all.
You realize you have gone as far as you can on this journey alone.
It is time to enlist a guide.
It is time to admit it: “I need help.”

Yes, you are only human and need someone.

Someone who believes in you.
Someone to keep you on the right track.
Someone to walk with you as you progress towards your dream.
Someone who has “been there, done that.”

Enter the coach.
Ara Parasheghian once said, “A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.” A professional coach can help you shift from seeker to finder, from confused to confidence, from lost to found.
Do yourself a favor, go to the telephone, call a Coach, and get the support you need to succeed!

Michelle L. Casto is a self-empowerment expert in the life dimensions of love, labor, leisure, and learning. Dr. Michelle is known as the Soul Diva Coach and one of the top coaches in the United States. She is the founder and principal of Get Smart! and Brightlight Coaching, a professional training, coaching, and publishing company. Contact her for a complimentary 30 minute divine life visioning session at (361) 232-3939.
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