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Kraziblood, by Gwendolyn Miles 4/7/08

» Introduction
Kraziblood is an individual that is negative and destructive to others and themselves. This indivdual does not care how they hurt anyone!
» Step 1
Go figure what makes a person so negative and destructive that they want to take other people with them. Of course there are many reasons that make a person crave attention, it doesn't matter if it is positive or negative.
» Step 2
My definition of Kraziblood is an indivdual who is definitely on a mission to destroy someone's character, self-esteem, reputation and career. This individual has no concept of how their vindictive and malicious behavior maligns a person. Nor do they care! They will fabricate lies to suit their objective, which is to destroy, destroy, destroy!!!
» Step 3
Characteristics of this indivdual is narcissistic, self important, controlling, lack of control, spoiled, self indulgent, jealous, spiteful, selfish and vindictive. I find no redeeming qualities regarding this individual.
» Step 4
I think everyone knows someone like this individual. I have been trying to find something positive to say about this person. Unfortunately, the only positive thing I can say is it is a relief not to deal with this self-absorbed person on any level, period!
» Step 5
Fpr those of us who have the misfortune of working with this person with this person with this person, the level of stress it puts you under is enormous. You must constantly watch what you say and who you say it to. This person will take an innocent statement and turn it around to an circus event.
» Step 6
An example of this is when I was talking to a client about using condoms. Kraziblood (nosy and irrational) overheard the conversation and reported that I was talking inappropriately about graphic sex acts. The client was concerned about protecting herself from sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant again (the client has seven children). I gave her condoms and showed her how to use them. I also encouraged her to talk to her doctor about alternative prevention methods of contraception. This resulted in a charge of talking about graphic sex acts. You be the judge of this!
» Step 7
Krazibllod must start a distrubance to show their self importance and knowledge of the situation, even though they are only aware of a small percentage of the issue. When confronted Kraziblood's are not articulate enough to explain themselves. Kraziblood usually presents as helpless, except when they feel they are not being heard, then they become victims and get angry. The issue then becomes everyone is picking on them and they are so helpless! They want you to believe that they are so helpless and a victim. They are as helpless as a baby piranha!
» Step 8
I termed this word of Kraziblood because I felt there was something wrong on a behavioral and emotional level regarding this person. Besides the old folks use to say it is in the blood, this is way they are so crazy! There is no logical, rational reason to their intent. For an individual to go this far out, in my mind there has to be something wrong in the blood and psyche!
» Step 9
Oh yes, you say this person has a Personality Disorder of some kind if you want to. I say they are just plain nasty, vain, self-absorbed, conceited, need I say more!!!

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