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Romance not Finance; Ideas to Spice up your Love Life

» Introduction
Being romantic is not just for Valentine’s Day, it is a year round “special” occasion. The following are some delightful simple ideas to assist you in preparing for an evening of romance……. One of the biggest dampeners to libido is fear of rejection. The more you make it clear that you’re inviting your partner’s intentions, the more confident he or she will be of suggesting something more than candlelit dinner to round off the evening.
» Step 1
Setting the scene….

Make a real effort when you set the table. Red and gold are warm, passionate colors that will signal our intent. Use long red candles and gold paper napkins if you don’t have any suitable tableware.

Straw poll…….

There’s nothing like sucking your love potion through a straw to let him or her know you’re in the mood!!
» Step 2
Getting fruity…..

Place a fruit bowl in the center of your table and spray it with water to make it look especially succulent and juicy.

Dress for dinner……

Why limit your seduction to the food? Dimming the lights, putting on a cd of love songs and wearing a sexy outfit will put your intentions beyond any doubt at all!!!

Stayed tune next time for more simple ideas on passion, fantasy and romance…..
» Step 3
Coco is a certified Sex & Romance Consultant and teaches courses to help one achieve more passion and romance in their sex life. Her infamous “The Art of Lovemaking 101” seminars held in New York and Atlantic City is most popular and in demand. Look out for her upcoming book “Romance not Finance: 10 Simple ideas to spice up your love life” coming soon. Coco can be reached at (212)252-4489 or and

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Being romantic is not just for Valentine’s Day, it...
Views: 8155