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The Fourth Times the Charm

» Introduction
After barely making it through high school I decided to enroll into college. After flunking out of college three times I finally got it right the fourth time. Learn how I graduated number one in my class with a 4.0 GPA by changing my attitude.
» Step 1
In high school I flunked “IQ” and majored in athletics. I managed to make it through high school without reading a book cover to cover. When I was 17 years old I wanted to be the first person from my family to graduate from college. My first day of college was unforgettable. The dean and department chair set up a meeting with me and I was told that I did not have the “scores” to be successful in college. My college entrance exam indicated that I was at a 7th grade reading, writing, and math level. I was told that no student in the history of the University had every received a passing grade in English with scores as low as mine. They were so concerned about my ability to succeed they even questioned my ability to pass my other courses. I did not heed their advice by taking remedial courses, and sure enough by mid-term I had flunked out.
I was disappointed in my performance because I wanted to do something special with my life. Therefore, I reenrolled into college the following semester. Again, I flunked out of college by midterm. I’ll never forget that day—I left college and while driving down the road I was hitting my steering wheel vowing never to return to college again. Despite my adamant attitude to never step through the door of another college a year later I reenrolled for the third time. For me, the third time was not the charm. A couple semesters later I had “flunked” out again.
However, at age 21 I bought a book that forever changed my life; “Over-the-Top” by Zig Ziglar. That day I sat in my favorite recliner and read that book cover-to-cover, with tears flowing down my face. For the first time I felt like I was somebody—that I could “be”, “do”, and “have” whatever I wanted if I took responsibility for my actions and refused to quit. Six months later I developed my life mission; “To unlock the true potential in the lives of others.” From that moment on I knew what I was designed to do. Zig Ziglar had unlocked my true potential and I wanted to do the same for others.
The question remains does this motivational “stuff” really work? Well, shortly after reading that book I went back to college for the fourth time and I not only graduated, but I graduated number one in my class with a 4.0 GPA and I maintained it through my Masters Degree.
What was the secret to my success? First I began to “be” the person that I wanted to be. Then I began to “do” the things I needed to do, and ultimately I began to “have” the things I wanted to have. After reading “Over the Top” I began to feed my mind daily with positive messages that would enable me to unlock my true potential. Since then I have read over 2000 books and I still read 2-3 hours daily.
Please understand, it isn’t knowledge that is power, it is only when it is applied that you can unlock your true potential. Inevitably there will be dream stealers that will tell you that you can’t! The question remains; “will you accept that as your reality?” I encourage you to learn from my life experience and realize that failure truly is an event and not a person; that the third time might not be the charm; and you may have to overcome temporary setbacks several times in order to achieve your desired goal. In the end you will go over-the-top!

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