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The 5 Essential Steps of Leadership

» Introduction
Have you ever been thrown into a situation where you just were not sure what to do? Have you ever tried to lead a team and struggled through it? This is the answer you have been waiting for!
» Step 1
You are standing on the deck of your boat in the middle of the vast ocean. This is an entirely new experience to you. The ocean has always been that blue area on the map, never a reality. Now you are in command and racing towards the horizon. All of a sudden the boat hits a swell and you fall into the water. There is no one around and you are faced with two decisions either you sink or you swim. This is similar to most leadership situations that you face. You are in new territory that you may have only seen or heard about before.

Follow each step in order for unbelievable success!
» Step 2
Get to know your team
-Learn their strengths and weaknesses
--Use their strengths to develop anotherís weakness
-Learn their personalities as well
--Everyone learns differently so seek the best method for the individual
» Step 3
Establish your standards
-Allow them to know what happens when they are wrong
-Reward them for exceptional behavior
--Donít get in habit of rewarding the bare minimum, then they will not strive to do better
and further develop their skills
» Step 4
Communicate responsibilities
-Listen carefully to all requirements
--Who, What, When, Where, and Why?
-Clearly communicate each task
--Use the method that will best get the point across to the responsible individual
--Make sure they understand what needs to be done
--Make their role in the task clearly known
---This is where the system of accountability comes in
» Step 5
-Make sure the right person is doing the right job
-Implement your plan ďBĒ if you need to
-Guide each individual in the right direction
--Donít do the job for them
» Step 6
Get new task and set new goals
-Take the initiative to get something else done
-Use your teams experience to the best that you can

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