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Forever in Your Debt Lesson 1
Pre-Approved does not mean Pre-Qualified. The first lesson in your journe... (full description)

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Comments & Reviews
By: art hope
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smartest financial advice
I like your slogan and your approch on how to work with creditors and best financial advice preapproved it doesn't mean your qualified take his advice and don't go to hell I like that.
By: ani souidie
wish I took your advice earlier
but it's never too late to apply. thanks for the best credit card advice.
By: deanna Ozan
I read your book
and best thing ever happened was to reorganize my finances,best money spent on your book Thanks a lot.
By: Oliver Waller
Rated This Video:
Great advice!!
Thanks for sharing this. Do you have other videos that you could post that explain more GET OUT OF DEBT tips! Thanks again.
By: Harvey Warren
Forever in Your Debt Lessons
Yes, there are 21 lessons and I will post a new one every few days. There are now four on the site. Thank you for the kind comments. Harvey Z Warren
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