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Energy Drinks Alert-Now there is a safe choice Verve

» Introduction
"OK, What did you just drink?" That seems to be the question kids are being asked at the hospital during emergency room trips these days. Just read the papers and watch TV and you can hear the concern raised for these Super-caffeinated-Sugar filled energy drinks being sold everywhere from gas stations to schools. You know the products. Product names that should be a warning people, not to mention the description.
» Step 1
One third of 12- to 24-year-olds say they regularly down energy drinks, which account for more than $5 billion in annual sales in the United States alone. Not only kids are lured by the super energy promise. Baby Boomers want and need energy more than the kids do.
» Step 2
Today feelings of fatigue are thought to be just a normal way of life. Stress is a main reason for our body to become tired and feel overwhelmed. What do we do? Many over eat in an effort to supply the body with nutrition and added vigor. Often times the extra food tires the body even more as it's working to break down the carbs and fats and proteins to be used for energy and the rest is stored on the body. Hello...weight gain. So what are people looking for today? Quick fixes! Often that's in the form of a drink.
» Step 3
Together we can change the way our kids are educated about nutrition. Let's have healthy options of low sugar drinks that have suppliments added so when the kids think they are getting a new energy drink they are actually drinking their vitamins as well.
I'm on a mission to help educate families on improving their health and I hope you join me.

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"OK, What did you just drink?" That see...
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