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A Recipe for Presence

» Introduction
Presence can be imagined as celebrating the deepest knowing of who you are through an experience of feeling. In spiritual circles, we hear just about every teacher reminding everyone to “be present,” but what does that mean? Being present simply means to be aware of whatever you are feeling in your current experience.
» Step 1
This practice of presence does not urge us to understand why we are feeling the way we are, or even evaluate whether or not we are pleased with what we are feeling. The practice simply leads us to the awareness of whatever experience of sensations are arising in the body. When we are present with these sensations that are usually felt as emotions, we are simply remembering who we are is a guest in the body—observing emotional responses without judgment, like a child staring in awe at a fireworks display.

If there was a recipe for presence, you would simply want the best possible ingredients to make it a yummy part of your living experience. Those ingredients already fill the shelves of your inner reality as we now take a moment to learn how those ingredients go together.

The first ingredient is love. Love is a way of understanding how the heart remains open whenever you are ready to offer the gift of deep appreciation to everything you are as the various shapes and forms of presence.

Even if we were to focus on having more of what we want, the secret is to serve love. If you would love a new car, or a new house, or even love a new relationship, the difference between who you are now and the you in the future who has those things, is simply a you who is filled with love.

Serving love is saying to the Universe, “I am ready to discover the love that hides in everything around me because it’s an ingredient of everything I am as presence.”
» Step 2
The second ingredient is peace. The you in the future who already has the car you love, the house, and the relationship that loves you the way you wish to be loved, views this heaven on earth reality with peace, versus resistance. The presence you truly are that can be seen as a spark of the Divine or as the illumination of your soul, simply rests within your body peacefully awaiting the arrival of your awareness.
» Step 3
Another ingredient is freedom. Freedom is a feeling of ease we experience when we give ourselves enough space to choose versus need. If we are in need, we may find it increasingly difficult to create enough time or space to celebrate the choices that are always apparent. Freedom is not only your spiritual birthright, but the only means by which presence travels.

We take these ingredients of love, peace and freedom and combine them into a mantra or meditation to be repeated until we arrive at our desired emotional consistency. Whether throughout your day, before each meal, or whenever you’re feeling stress or conflict, calmly and slowly repeat in your mind the recipe for presence:

“I am loving, I am peaceful, I am free!”

» Step 4
By giving this statement your entire focus, you are reminding yourself of who you really are and blessing it with interest and priority. Share this recipe with your loved ones and most importantly, offer it for those you find you are unable to love, and discover the presence that all spiritual texts and teachings will ever guide you towards–the reality of your true divine nature.

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Comments & Reviews
By: Kay Elizabeth
Nice article there!
Matt, I really enjoyed your article. This part especially struck a chord with me - "01CI am ready to discover the love that hides in everything around me because it019s an ingredient of everything I am as presence.01D Sometimes we get so embroiled in things, we forget that. Thanks for the reminder. :)
By: Kay Elizabeth
Oops, looks like it doesn't like quotation marks, sorry about that.
By: George
this is crap!!
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Presence can be imagined as celebrating the deepes...
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