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How To Get Agents Begging To Sell Your House

» Introduction
One of the biggest challenges to potential home sellers in this tough market is how to find an agent willing to represent them. Why would that be?
» Step 1
Isn't that how agents make money, by selling houses. Yes, but with a glut of houses on the market, agents have to be choosy in regard to which houses and owners they represent.
Your house is most likely your biggest investment and selling it is serious business. To realize your goals, you must position yourself as a real contender in order to get the attention of the most qualified agents in your area. The quality of your agent can make or take thousands of dollars off of your bottom line.

Here are *5* great ways to attract the best agents, eager to sell your house.

Approach agents with a business mind. Be clear that you are serious about selling your house and the reasons why you are selling. Create a list of goals with your family that outlines the day you want to be on the market, how long of a contract you're willing to sign, etc. The agent will be impressed that you are prepared and already have the answers to his/her inevitable questions.

» Step 2
At your first meeting, tell the agent that you are on the "team" together and are willing to do what ever it takes to sell your house. After all, this professional is putting hundreds to thousands of his/her own dollars into the marketing of your house. Why would he/she want to risk that money if you aren't committed 100% to doing whatever it takes to get it SOLD!

» Step 3
Now, DO whatever it takes to get your house prepared for sale. If that means staging or finishing renovation projects, then make sure those are done. An agent's commission is directly tied to the sale of your house. So, create a showplace that can sell quickly and you'll certainly attract the best agents, every time.
» Step 4
Keep emotions in check. Remember, this is a business transaction and it needs to be treated that way, right through to closing. Just like any business person, agents want to work with clients who are calm and collected and will create a smooth sale. Buyers don't need much of a reason to back out of a contract. Any false move can jeopardize the sale and you might lose your buyer forever – not to mention, your agent.
» Step 5
Create a WIN-WIN atmosphere. Flexible sellers are an agent's dream. Let your agent know you are open to all possibilities of how the sale can look. Give him/her the freedom to guide you through the sale and to bring you all offers, no matter what the terms. You don't have to take the offer if you don't want to, but at least you'll have the opportunity to negotiate. Remember that negotiating doesn't always involve money. Be creative and you could be SOLD! in no time flat.

Remember, agents are interviewing you too. Put your best foot forward and you’ll have the area’s most qualified agents eating out of your hands.

© 2008 Mallory Nicholson, Real Estate Strategies That Sell

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