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Six New Email Terms You Must Know

» Introduction
Is there any better way to sound smart than to throw around a little jargon? Something you picked up from the news...or even a blog? Something that sounds cool and relevant, that you have a strong feeling not many people know, but wish they did? Stroll around the next cocktail party you attend with a mouthful of these email nuggets and watch your cool factor skyrocket. Or, on second thought, for the sake of your cool factor keep these for the water cooler at work...the one closest to IT.
» Step 1
BacN - This is the next closest thing to SPAM. It's when your "friends" from MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of their brethren, email you a request to join or participate in their social network.
» Step 2
Colleague SPAM - I believe the NY Times coined this phrase. It's when someone you work with misuses Reply to All and leaves you with an inbox full of irrelevant and unactionable email.
» Step 3
Email Tattoo: Any guesses? It's when you chose an email address or IM handle oh-so-many years ago before you had a real job and now you're somewhat stuck with the name you selected. And you can't seem to shed it because so many people still use it. And it's somewhat of a hindrance when you're trying to have a professional interaction. It's like the equivalent of the Tasmanian Devil tattooed on your shoulder (ruggeddude87) or a dolphin on your arse (hotz4u).
» Step 4
Email Apnea: Yes, this is no joke. Linda Stone explains it best and she recognized it first.
» Step 5
Email Bankruptcy: When a person deletes their entire inbox hoping to find salvation by starting over.
» Step 6
Email-free Friday: Intel and U.S. Cellular have tried it. Fridays aren't just casual anymore. Try the face-to-face thing and skip email till Monday. Not a fan, personally.

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