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How to Relax and Focus Your Mind in Minutes

» Introduction
Unlike the brain, your mind has no boundaries and can be “scattered all over the place”. To succeed at focusing your mind, realize that your mind and your brain are different. Your mind is pure consciousness. It includes your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings (emotion), imagination, creativity, memories, hopes and dreams. Your brain is the physical receiver that expresses your mind. Discover how you can focus your attention and relax your mind.
» Step 1
Be Sensual.
Focus your attention on your five senses. This provides a mental boundary to contain your scattered mind. Being sensual simply means to be aware of your five senses. Smell the air, feel the temperature on your skin, listen to the sounds around you and to taste the food that you eat. Being sensual brings you into the present moment fast and effectively. Being more sensual your mind will help you make more trustworthy decisions throughout your day and experience overall greater inner peace. Proceed to the next step or view my video "Relax and Focus Your Mind Technique Part I", describing this technique.

» Step 2
Find some paper and write down your frustrating and negative thoughts. This will help you slow down your thinking and release what’s “captured your mind”. As you write, remind yourself… “I have these thoughts… I am not my thoughts; I have these feelings… I am not my feelings.” Let the words flow out of you and write them down without editing or being concerned with grammar or spelling.

To clear your mind fast express in writing what’s on your mind. Destroy the papers and throw them away, or burn them. You want to destroy the writing with gusto and intensity. Mentally tell yourself, “I am letting go of these thoughts and feelings. I am freeing my mind.” This technique is great for insomnia.

Tip: An important fact, you can not write as fast as you think, so when you write down your thoughts you will slow down your thinking automatically. This is one of the benefits of journaling and why it is considered a meditative experience. It slows your mind down and focuses your attention quickly. Proceed to the next step or view my video "Relax and Focus Your Mind Technique Part II", describing this technique.

» Step 3
This is the easiest technique to gather your attention. Take a few moments and hum the lyrics of a favorite song. Concentrate on remembering the lyrics and feel the vibration of humming in your throat, face and chest. This will benefit you two ways: 1. Concentration and remembering will focus your mind. 2. The vibration will ground you into the sensation of your physical body. It is great technique and you can do this anywhere at anytime. After just a few minutes you’ll feel a difference. View my video "Relax and Focus Your Mind Technique Part III", describing this technique.

» Step 4
Follow this simple guided meditation. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply three times and mentally (silently) say the word relax. Repeat 3-4 times. You can say the word, “relax” out loud at first, but then practice silently repeating the word, like a mantra. Imagine a “basketball size” sphere of white light hovering about 12 inches above your head. Focus your mind to visualize it the best you can. Imagine that you see it and feel the warmth radiating down on the top of your head. Next imagine this sphere slowly lowering and touching the crown of your head.

Take another deep breath and bring the sphere down around your head, like a helmet. Imagine if your head is filled with white light. If you were to open your eyes, the light would stream out from inside of you. Imagine that all the scattered thoughts are dissolving them. Focus on the light, feel its warmth and sense it filling your mind with peace and comfort. Breathe naturally for a few minutes. When you are ready, simply open your eyes and go back to your activities. This is great for a quick focus before an important meeting. You can do this in a parked car, your desk or in a bathroom stall. Explore my website at for guided visualizations you can use anytime you desire.

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