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Now Playing: Sylvia Browne Talks About the Aztec 12.12 Prophecy
Sylvia Browne Talks About the Aztec 12.12 Prophecy
Sylvia Browne discusses topics from her book, End of Days.

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By: Kay Elizabeth
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Thanks for sharing, Sylvia.
It's wonderful to see you here, Sylvia. I always love listening to you share your guidance. You really are a blessing to so many. Have a wonderful day! take care, Kay
By: JD Mumma, Ami.
Circular logic and negation of statement
Did anyone REALLY listen to what she said? 1) "what out Lord said" According to what? A book claiming itself to be the truth (easy enough for anyone to do) 2) "no man or woman can tell the end of days" then she follow it up with: "although026 I don't believe we are going to be here after 95 years." Option 1: WAKE UP PEOPLE! Option 2: Go back into the Illusion Matrix, don't think, maintain the distractions and entertainment, and fall back asleep... everything is going to be OK, just continue to let your ignorance and insecurities blind you to seeing through this kind of Mumbo Jumbo BS.
By: msdragnnwolf
The End of Days
Hi Sylvia, I am a big fan of yours, and have all of your books. Your words have helped me through some very difficult times, especially when my Dad went on to the other side. I would like to hear more about your information on why the Aztec calendar ends on 2012, and your comments on the video about the world actually going on for 95 more years. Thank you for all of the things you share with the masses, and thank you to Francine for being there for you too. Bright Blessings, Dianna
By: Phil
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End Of Days Book By: Sylvia Browne
Hi Sylvia, I read your book End Of Days, and found it very intresting. The reasearch you did with all of the different cultures believes, and when they thought the world would end was excellent. Thank you, and God-Bless! Phil W. From Niles,Ohio 44446
By: george
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Sylvia Brown
It is always a pleasure to listen to Sylvia even if only on the computer.I really miss seeing her on the tv.
By: J Gas
mean and nasty god? kind, loving god?. . .
There are many more choices than only a "mean, nasty god, or a kind, loving god." For instance an indifferent god, or perhaps a whole pantheon of gods (how many things exist without any other "beings" that are of basically the same form and generally made of the same stuff i.e. a "family", there are many suns, many planets, many trees, many rocks, many planets, many people. . . but just one lonely, lonely god? really? Not that rocks or suns need company or attention). . . or, given the complete lack of definitive evidence of the existence of any particular god, maybe, just maybe there aren't any gods at all. We must at least consider it a possibility. It isn't the worst possibility either. If one of Sylvia's proposed gods had to be real, looking at the universe we live in and the horrors inflicted on our species by nature herself as well as one another, and I had to guess which one, the mean and nasty one fits better the whole of nature than does a kind, loving one (attributes rare in the universe, if you consider that we are tucked away in a dim corner of a galaxy among billions of other galaxies all of which are separated by eons). To think of god as a father, who is omnipotent, and all knowing, yet allows the things that happen to usand even our children to happen. . . . what kind of a father allows such things? Creator of the world necessarily created suffering, and created the devil if you believe in him too (so you can't blame satan).
By: Piano and Magic Lessons
About 12.12
but what's most important is what we do while we ARE still here. Thanks for the sneak peak at the book!
By: katiekerry
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sylvia browne
i believe in my heart she is an Angel sent to us from GOD, to here the truth. LISTEN
By: redwards
How about you do about you believe what you will and leave others to believe what they want? Why is it necessary for you to upset people, in order to feel good about yourself? You have your opinion. These other people have their opinions and at no time did they feel it necessary to ridicule you your belief. You should practice being quiet and committing random acts of kindness, until you release your cyncism on like minded people and leave these good people alone. Thank you.
By: redwards
Education and Empathy
To the intellectual commentors: Your parents in educating you, left out the empathy chip.
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Sylvia Browne discusses topics from her book, End ...
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