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Don't sweat the Self-Esteem; It's all in the Self-Esteem! By Gwendolyn Miles 9/25/08

» Introduction
What makes the human experience so complicated? When I was in my twenties I was afraid to speak up for my rights, especially around healthcare issues. I was taught to respect the authority of doctor's and not to question, they knew best!
» Step 1
What makes the human experience so complicated? It makes no sense to live your life being afraid of living. When I was in my twenties I was afraid to speak up for my rights, especially around healthcare issues. I was taught to respect the authority of doctor's and not to question, they knew best!

I encountered doctors who thought they were Gods and I should be grateful they condescended to treat me. After my hysterectomy twelve years ago I realized I needed to be proactive regarding my health needs. Or else I would be dead.
» Step 2
The last draw for me was when I went to see the Intenist regarding my thyroid. The Internist left me waiting for 20 minutes, there were no other patients in his office at the time. I was just about to leave when he decided to descind upon me; there was no apology for keeping me waiting.

He then started to verbally attack me regarding some omy medical test. This is when I turned on him and verbally attacked him. I left his office and made a complaint regarding his unprofessional behavior. I wrote a three page letter regarding his behavior and then switched to another doctor.
» Step 3
No one has to endure someone's unprofessional and rude behavior, at least I will not! When I was younger I was taught not to question authority figures. I have since learned that a closed mouth does not get feed. I had to find my own voice and this means no one will hurt me again. I mean no one!

When you find your voice, at first you feel guilty when you speak up for yourself. However, when you see the favorable results, you feel good. Your self-esteem starts to soar the more you say no, the better you feel about yourself.
» Step 4
I have learned not to be so emotional! To think things out before you react to them. This has saved me a lot of headache and heartache. It is really important not ot overreact to any situation, keep your cool. Some folks like to be dramatic, this solves nothing.
» Step 5
Some of us human's are afraid of the unknown. They do not like to step out of their comfort zone. some folks do not like change. I love change, for me life gets boring doing the same thing over and over again. You also grow by experiencing new adventures.

I recently entered a jewerly contest where you had to draw your jewerly design. I have never drawn anything in my life, but that did not stop me from entering the contest. I was very proud of my design, for a novice I did a good job. I did not win the contest, but I was proud of me for entering.

The point for me was not winning, but how I participated playing the game. No, I did not win and that really wasn't the issue for me. Stepping out of my comfort zone made me a winner. Try new adventures, this will increase your self-esteekm, which in turn increases your confidence in yourself.
» Step 6
Some of us love to emotionally torture ourselves. For some reason we feel we are bad and must be punished. Shit on that! Everyone makes mistakes, this is how we learn, there is no need to torture ourselves. This is unproductive!

So, when you feel the need to beat yourself up, take a long and hard look at what happened. Be honest with yourself about your part in the mishap. what could you have done better? What did you do that was positive and affective? Again be honest! This be helpful to ensure what worked and what didn't work. So you will not repeat the same mistake twice, three times, four times, you get the picture.
» Step 7
One thing to remember is that trust is extremely important. I know this can be scary for some of us. You know as well as I do that you cannot put your trust in everyone. Some of us will try to destroy you.

However, learn to trust your intuition first, become familiar with your surroundings and the individuals that you encounter.

Learn to like and love yourself first, you will become a better judge of people. If you do not trust yourself then you transfer this dysfunction onto others. When you become an authority on you, it is easier to see other people for who they are!

Come on; let's get started in becoming a better human. You will be better off for it, and can thank me later! Take care of yourself.

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