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» Introduction
Please stop wasting your money on face cremes and teeth whiteners. Nature is ready to provide you with two inexpensive and chemical-free ways to have age-defying skin and a beautiful smile.
» Step 1

Ray Salomone, The Push Up Warrior

Part of my mission as a Wellness Crusader is to help people around the world to not only achieve maximum wellness, but to stop wasting their money on useless products. Today we highlight teeth whiteners and face creams.

In recent years, companies have made a fortune by marketing smile whiteners that bleach your teeth and weaken your gums. This is at a significant cost and at risk to your teeth and gum’s health.

The natural alternative: Brush your teeth with sea salt. For about $2.99 you can buy a large canister of granulated sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea. Take a teaspoon and mix in warm water. Gargle first to clean your mouth then take another sip and begin to vigorously brush your teeth. Give it a few days before you show off your new smile!

I discovered this during a recent trip to Greece. I was swimming in the sea and someone commented on how my teeth were “blindingly white.” I realized the source, the source of almost all good things we have. It came from nature. Nothing processed or chemically produced. This $2.99 canister of sea salt, if used everyday, will last approximately nine months. Compare that price with retail teeth whiteners. I’ve consulted with my advisory board dentist who confirmed to me that sea salt brushing is safe and a great way to whiten teeth and to keep your mouth clean. I use a sea salt from the Mediterranean from a company called Baleine.


I have a personal training client who spends $250 a month on a face cream she imports from Switzerland. The other day she asked me what I use on my skin and she was stunned by the answer.

“Olive Oil.”

Once a day, a drizzle in my hand, rubbed into my face and neck and I have the skin of someone 15 years younger. (Or so I am told!). Instead of wasting your money and frankly, buying into the brainwashing of the advertisers, try olive oil once a day. After you use it on your skin, swallow a tablespoon. Now your face and your heart will love you for it. I use the organic olive oil from Italy by Spectrum Naturals. It’s organic, extra virgin, cold pressed and very smooth. Over the years I’ve learned that olive oil has many other uses, including helping scars fade and scabs to heal.

My grandmother, who lived to be 101 and walked a mile to and from church every day until the day before she died, took a tablespoon of olive oil every morning. She said that along with a glass of wine at night was part of her secret!

Ray Salomone
Personal Trainer and Wellness Crusader

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