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How to eat healthy when money is tight

» Introduction
During tough economic times, it is integral that our health remain as one of our top priorities. So that means eating foods that are high in nutritional value and reduce your stress levels. This economic downturn is all about making sweet lemon-aid from a bag of sour lemons.
» Step 1
Remember what really matters. Your health is your wealth. If you can no longer afford the gourmet grocery stores, find a local farmers market. They typically have a variety of farmers that carry fresh food at a lower price than the standard grocery stores.
» Step 2
Consider creating or joining a food co-op. They are a great way to reduce your grocery bill. Most of them are consumer cooperatives and therefore owned by the members. The economic benefit you receive far exceed those of a "discount club" membership.
» Step 3
Buy foods that are high in fiber and nutrition. Foods like beans, legumes and ancient grains are healthy, hearty and store well.
» Step 4
Cook your own food. Set aside a specific day in the week like a Saturday or Sunday to cook your meals for the week. This saves money, time and provides peace of mind.
» Step 5
Change your circle of friends. Birds of a feather flock together. If you are trying to make changes in your life for the better and the people around you are bringing you down, you are doing yourself a disservice. It is time to fly with a new flock.

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