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How to eat more and lose weight in 30 days

» Introduction
There are so many diet plans out their that try to tell you how to lose weight. If none of them worked for you I hope my personal experience helps you to shed the pounds.
» Step 1
Clean out your cabinets and your refrigerator. Get rid of canned foods, pre-packaged foods, sodas, juice with high fructose corn syrup, and white grains and starches like rice and potatoes. All of these foods have very little nutritional value. In addition, if they are not in your kitchen you will not be temped to eat them making it easier to lose weight.
» Step 2
Replenish your cabinets with foods that are high in fiber and nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are high on the list. Buy a week supply of fresh foods and select a variety. This your opportunity to explore and venture to the 'wild side'. Other foods that are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals are ancient whole grains like spelt, quinoa, tef, kamut and amaranth. You can find theses grains in the form of breads, pastas and flour at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Foods high in fiber help you lose the excess pounds.
» Step 3
Cut out meat, poultry and fish. Replace it with beans and legumes which are high in fiber and protein. If you eat regular servings, you can get your required daily nutrients.
» Step 4
Find a cleanser. I endured this diet mainly because I wanted to do a full body cleanse. I used herbal supplements by Dr. Sebi. They really make you feel clean and light. Be careful of some supplements not all of them are beneficial to your body. So do your research and watch the weight drop off.
» Step 5
Set up an eating regiment. You want to eat mini meals every other hour. If you work from home or you are sitting at a desk all day, this is very easy to do. Here is a sample of a days menu. I ate Kamut cereal with almond milk, fruit, Spelt toast and herbal tea at 8 am, at 10 am I ate a vegetable like carrots, for lunch I ate beans and brown or black rice with guacamole and salsa rapped in a spelt tortilla and a mixed green salad. At 2 pm I ate some fruit and nuts. At 4 pm I ate spaghetti, turnip greens, mixed green salad and fresh made dressing and at 6 pm I may have eaten a some hearty fruit like a papaya or pineapple. Everything I ate was fresh and home cooked. When you eat on a schedule like this you raise your metabolism which helps to cut the pounds.
» Step 6
On the odd hours I drank water. I consumed about a gallon a day. This was necessary because of the acid in the herbal supplements. It was imperative to properly flush out my system. I followed Dr. Sedi's diet to a T. The results, a thoroughly cleansed body and about 10-12 pounds lighter. I felt energetic, lighter and ready to concur the world!
» Step 7
Prayer and meditation was also a major part of my cleanse. People are not just physical, we have mental and spiritual capacities. I had a particular reason to embark on such a thorough cleanse. There are so many toxins that accumulate in our bodies that can lead to long term diseases in the future. Giving yourself a tune up once or twice a year can make all a major difference in the quality of your life.
» Step 8
Preparing your own foods is a great way to save money as well. To learn more about becoming money savvy visit

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